Hello, dear poppets. This evening’s post marks the GameSpite Quarterly debut of long-time reader Marc Host, writing up one of those numerous games I always meant to play but never quite got around to dabbling in: Treasure’s Mischief Makers. This treatise makes me realize that it’s probably just as well that I didn’t play more than a couple of levels back in the day, though; the game’s unconventional structure probably wouldn’t have done much for me at the time. My interest in and appreciation for unusual game design is a more recent innovation, I’m sad to admit.

This here piece is from GameSpite Quarterly 6, of course, my copies of which arrived today. There’s an annoying printing defect on the cover of my paperback edition, and apparently it’s not an isolated issue. I’m curious to know if this is something anyone else has experienced, so please speak up in the comments if your paperback cover printing looks off.

Also, if you haven’t yet grabbed a copy of the latest volume, consider this your official reminder that you have one more day in which to get a 20% (or is it 25%? I forget) discount on an order by using coupon code SPECIAL.

15 thoughts on “GSQ6: SHAKE SHAKE! SHAKE SHAKE!!

  1. Definitely an odd game. It’s interesting, I didn’t like it much at first when I played, but it’s one of those that really grows on you eventually. It turned out to be one of my favorite N64 games. On a system that was starved for anything resembling a 2D platformer, it was a breath of fresh air.

    Shake, shake, indeed. :)

  2. I’ve also been meaning to get around to trying this game as well, but it’s weirdly still not on Virtual Console. How strange that we’ve gotten most of the non-licensed Treasure games, including Sin & Punishment, but still no Mischief Makers. (And the N64 Bangai-O import would be awesome, even though the DS one beats it out.)

  3. This was one of my first N64 games, actually. Brought back memories of the howling pain caused by those damn bosses and the no hit runs. Good times.

  4. While I was able to add it to basket/cart, I tried for 20 minutes, scouring the site, doing google searches etc. etc., and was unable ANYWHERE to find a proceed to checkout or similar button on any page.

    I was just unable to actually buy the book! Please help me out, would love to get some hard copy stuff, especially with a discount code.

  5. Ben – After you add the item to your cart, you’ll see a blue “checkout” button in the bottom right, immediately below the price. If you some how navigated away, click on “Shopping Cart” in the top right, then look for that checkout button again.

  6. What’s the defect? Mine arrived last Saturday, but it’s still wrapped up in the Blurb pizza box since I won’t return home until Friday.

  7. GSQ:6 and 1 arrived in Sumo towers this morning.

    Can’t see any particular ‘defect’ on the cover, the printing is a bit ‘soft’ perhaps, but that looks to be consistent to the others and probably due to the coating layer on top

    Amazing comparing the two how far the layout design has come ;-)

  8. The printing on my GSQ6 cover is off as well. Its probably only about a half centimeter, the text on the binding just barely creeping onto the front cover; and a strip of white on the left hand side of the back cover.

    • Mine is the same as what TimEkk described – mostly it’s a bit annoying because the binding text is not terribly readable. Great content inside though, as usual!

      • Just opened mine up tonight and didn’t see any issues with the cover. Mine came from Blurb’s Massachusetts printing location (I read once they have multiple printing locations around the country). Thanks Jeremy.

  9. Back in 1997, a no-name video rental place in exurban central Florida (of all places!) carried the Japanese edition of this game! I rented both that and the US edition. I’ll always remember the phrase “Marina da-!” when the professor guy got thrown off the screen, although strangely I can’t recall what Marina said every time she shook somebody.

  10. I’d played all kinds of obscure games on the NES and SNES, but I sadly have never played Mischief Makers on the N64. I think it might’ve been the rendered look that turned me off, or maybe it was the commercial with the cab driver with giant cartoon eyes, I don’t really know.

    I’d give it a shot if it popped up on Virtual Console. IF it popped up. =/

  11. I should’ve commented before now…but man, I love Mischief Makers. I can’t remember how I ended up picking it up back in the day (maybe I was like “what’s this game with the funky robot girl on the cover?”) but what a great game it is. I wish more people knew what it was. :)

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