GameSpite Quarterly 6 joins the world of consumerism

Note: I have been told that the Blurb coupon code SPECIAL will save you 20% through Nov. 18. That’s effectively free ground shipping on the hardcover edition.

Greeting, tiny friends! As promised/threatened yesterday, GameSpite Quarterly 6 is now available for purchase. The theme is underappreciated games (as selected by the denizens of Talking Time). The length is 240 pages. The content is totally sweet. Your options are as follows!

  • Standard edition ($14): All the contents, for a pleasantly reasonable price.
  • Hardcover edition ($38): The same material as the standard edition, but its durable binding makes it more likely to withstand a nuclear holocaust.
  • Read it for free online ($0). It’ll be a while before all the content is posted, though. Sorry!

Here are some lovely samples of some of the interior pages. I’m sorry that the online version can’t look like these, but that’s kind of why we started doing the print editions in the first place. Many trees gave their lives for these layouts.

GameSpite Quarterly 6 samples

14 thoughts on “GameSpite Quarterly 6 joins the world of consumerism

  1. I’ve only purchased GSQ 4 and 5, but it’s remarkable how much the layouts have improved in just three issues. You’re getting the hang of sleek layout design pretty quick! Can’t wait to read the new issue, but I may hold out until a free shipping code pops up ;)

  2. Wow, those are some awesome layouts. Any idea on how much shipping would set me back? I’m guessing like $5-$10?

  3. Looks beautiful. Not sure about the requirements, but the code SPECIAL gave me 25% off my hardcover ordered in USD. Apparently it’s good through Nov. 18.

  4. Awesome! Looks fantastic. I’m in for 4 copies (all my friends love these books now too – I started giving them out to my game-loving friends as gifts…now they’re all hooked!).

  5. I always order before someone posts a discount code. You’d think I’d have learned by now, but no. Anyway, I’m excited to get my mitts on it. The articles released so far have been the great.

  6. SPECIAL gives 25% off the soft cover as well, so there must not be a minimum dollar amount. Less than $18 for the book and shipping with the code. Thanks Jeremy.

  7. I may have to buy this in order to fill the gaping void in my heart where Retronauts once was. Besides, I hear that only evil trees are used to print GSQ.

  8. Looks fantastic. Great job.

    I’ve loved reading this stuff on the site, but haven’t been able to order any books yet, but I feel that will change with this one.

  9. GSQ2 is my 2nd favorite book (Followed very, very closely by GSQ5 at 1st simply because it’s the best book on NES history out there), so this should be a great read.

  10. Can’t wait for this to get here! The subject of the issue is always on of my favorite discussion topics in gaming.

  11. Ordered – along with the other volumes I was missing. Thanks!

    PS – Retronauts Episode 100: Reunion Show – maybe sometime in the near future?

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