GSQ5: So controversial it’s scary

If you happened to listen to this week’s 8-4 Play podcast, you’ve already lived the adventure of this article since it ended up being a point of contention that ended with Kevin Gifford saying terrible things about the author’s parents. Or something like that. ANYWAY, now you can read the article instead of merely listening to it. Exciting!

In a happy coincidence, this spooky horror-themed game came up naturally in the GSQ5 queue just in time for Halloween. I wish I could say I plan things like this, but we all know that I’m just a pathetic hack who gets lucky a lot.

5 thoughts on “GSQ5: So controversial it’s scary

  1. His name’s Mark, not Billy. You Stan’s grandpa, Anthony? =P

    In all seriousness though, I love the crazy boss designs in Monster Party, as well as its Game Over screen with skeletons in blood. And the ending.

  2. Human Entertainment must’ve been a pretty crazy place to work. They developed Monster Party, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Fire Pro Wrestling, and Clock Tower — and, when they were dissolved, many of their employees (including Suda51) formed Grasshopper Manufacture.

  3. Yeah, when I laid out the article for the book I did some investigation to see if Suda had worked on Monster Party, but it seems he joined the company a few years later; his first credited project was a Fire Pro Wrestling game for Super Famicom.

  4. I’d love Monster Party more if the mazes didn’t blow. Though by Bandai standards, this game’s as good as Super Mario Bros.

  5. Monster Party was one of those NES games I couldn’t remember the name of years after the fact, and spent a long time thinking it was something I had dreamed but never really existed. Same goes for Legacy Of The Wizard.

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