GSQ5: Unobjectionable content

You’re about to see something amazing, folks: the only article about videogame legal issues written in the past five years that doesn’t include a single reference to or image of Phoenix Wright. Click and read, but only after you’ve braced yourself to have your mind blown.

5 thoughts on “GSQ5: Unobjectionable content

  1. Mind = blown.

    Seriously, though, it’s definitely an interesting read, and for those of you that haven’t read Game Over, do so. It’s got lots and lots of interesting information about the legal wrangling over Tetris, and Nintendo in general. But y’all already knew that. :P

  2. Except for WoW players, who regularly get to read a column on WoW Insider about the legal issues surrounding America’s most successful MMO. They’ve never even heard of Phoenix Wright.

    It is something of a relief, really.

  3. I disagree on one part. Nintendo didn’t technically “decline” in the 90s, as much as “hibernate”. It’s like as soon as SEGA lost the console wars with the Saturn, the Big N suddenly thought it didn’t need to compete anymore.

  4. Is it fair to say that the history of video games journalism is, in essence, nothing but a series of footnotes to Game Over?

  5. Sure, if you somehow think video games begin and end with Nintendo and the late ’80s. Otherwise, no, that’s dumb.

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