GSQ5: Tragic comic

You know how you love those great comics by Nintendo Super Squad’s Philip “Loki” Armstrong? Well hey! He’s done another one. It’s like… a companion piece to yesterday’s Super Mario Bros. 3 article, even though they’re not actually linked in any way in the book they appear in.

Anyway, it’s quality stuff that somehow manages to mix Super Mario and R. Crumb. So that’s something new! And a lot more pleasant than anything that mixes Super Mario and Ron Jeremy.

8 thoughts on “GSQ5: Tragic comic

  1. I definitely love that nightmare fuel Phanto. Those bastards were relentless when you had a key in your hands.

    I’m surprised Phantos haven’t popped up in any other Mario games, though. I know our Super Mario Bros. 2 was a rebranded Japanese radio personalities game, but it’s still spawned at least one enemy that’s appears in near every Mario game since (Bob-ombs), another commonly recurring foe (Shyguys), and a gender confused creature that pops up in ensemble cast games (Birdo).

    I’d love to see Phanto appear again with its keyholder stalking antics. But then again, I’m still waiting for a new Mario game with Charging Chucks. And Hammer Bros. Suits.

  2. I know our Super Mario Bros. 2 was a rebranded Japanese radio personalities game,

    You seem to be confusing Doki Doki Panic with All-Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. The former was a collaboration with a Fuji Television promotion.

  3. @Kirin: Yeah, I totally forgot about Pokey when posting. ^^;

    @Kishi: My bad, but I knew it was linked to some Japanese media. I think I played All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. online once.

  4. Metal Man Master- There are quite a few Super Mario Bros. 2 characters that don’t appear in any other Mario game. Mousser for one, and another obvious choice would be Toad (…I wish).

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