GSQ5: The castle where fairies don’t live

Man, it sure is hard to write posts about old non-linear 2D platformers when there’s a really great one beckoning me from my DSi. Look, just read this article and get back to playing Shantae. That’s what I’m doing.

5 thoughts on “GSQ5: The castle where fairies don’t live

  1. I found the Game Boy version to be better, since they toned down the difficulty.

    Overall though great game that I discovered by mistake on the NES, basically borrowed it from a cousin and never got the chance to return it.

  2. Beat this game once on an emulator using save states and game genie. It was still next to impossible.

  3. That’s how I finished it, too. I honestly can’t imagine beating it “fairly,” since the game never actually plays fair.

  4. Thirding the Game Genie usage. I remember plugging two Game Genies together so I could input enough codes to just survive this game. Beating it required even more masochism.

  5. The game doesn’t get really bad until you get to the well full of impossible fire everywhere. That was my wall when I last played this on Virtual Console anyways.

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