Why yes, it’s TGS time again

And that means I’m stupid busy again. It’s a smaller show this year, but I feel like the games on display are a lot better. The Japanese-developed games feel a little fresher and more polished, and the White Man Games that increasingly populate the TGS show floor year after year seem less obtrusive and out-of-place. More Japanese showgoers are actually stopping to pay attention to trailer for foreign-developed games than they did even last year. The Black Ops trailer corner has been constantly packed, whereas last year the same space (Modern Warfare 2) was almost always empty, although on the public days people would sometimes stop to sit there for a moment to pause and take a break on the floor, totally oblivious to the game being promoted. I don’t know what it means — maybe nothing! — but it’s an interesting observation, at least.

I’ve managed to put together a few articles, although I can’t promise they’re absolutely my best work. I was having trouble staying awake last night and these were penned in a sort of delirious, half-waking, fugue state. I should probably read back over them and see if I said anything blatantly untrue, like how Mega Man Universe is secretly a load screen minigame for Mega Man Legends 3.

The 3rd Birthday plays really well, like I hoped it would. And I’m hoping the narrative makes interesting use of the non-linear play mechanics without being too up its own arse. Admittedly, that’s asking a lot from certain people at Square Enix, but you can always hope…

Dissidia Duodecim seems kind of superfluous, but so it goes.

I wanted to cling together to the Tactics Ogre kiosk, but sadly I had other responsibilities yesterday.

And I am really hoping Mega Man Universe gets its act together.

Well, back to writing about stuff.

10 thoughts on “Why yes, it’s TGS time again

  1. My eyes briefly skimmed this post before I read it consciously, and when I saw Mega Man Legends 3 my heart fluttered a bit. And I haven’t even played any of the Legends games!

  2. I’m really getting a lot out of TGS, much more than I was from E3 this year. Except now there might be a reason for me to get Kinect. I was kind of secretly hoping Microsoft would just keep it the casual system, so I’d have an excuse not to plunk down the money for it.

    I’m especially happy with what I’ve heard about 3rd Birthday. Even if it’s not maintaining the mood from the original that I loved so much, I’ll gladly take unique gameplay that links to the narrative over aesthetic! And besides, Catharine seems to have that same moodiness in its own, weird sort of way.

  3. I won’t lie, I stood through the entire Capcom press conference the other night, secretly hoping against hope that Inafune would take the wraps off MML3. Oh well.

  4. The most disappointing thing about MMU for me personally is that it feels like it’s supposed to be a replacement for Powered Up 2. Powered Up is without question my favorite MM game of the last decade and this new game seems like a poor tradeoff.

  5. Valkyria Chronicles 3, anyone? REALLY looking forwards to that, Tactics Ogre remake is definetely on my list. So happy that Radiant Silvergun is finally coming out to an audience, and it definetely warrants me buying a 360. The Last Guardian is looking great, and those HD ports of Muramasa and Odin Sphere warrant interest for me, even though I’d rather Vanillaware have sold retail copies instead of making them DLC (and this has nothing to do with me wanting to be a collector).

  6. I’m finding it hard to get excited about 3rd birthday but if you could answer this question I’d be able to tell if i’m excited or not. I hated Crisis Core so does 3rd Birthday play anything like it?

  7. I’d be hella excited about Valkyria 3 if it had moved back to the console, but I recognize PSP is moving more units in Japan so I can’t blame them too much. Pretty excited about all the Ico/SotC/Last Guardian news, though.

  8. Retrogamer- 3rd Birthday is a 3rd person shooter type of game, so I’d imagine not.

    Kirin- True, but Valkyria Chronicles 3 is looking better than the 2nd one from the 2 screenshots that I saw, so I think it’s something to be looking forwards to, even if it’s not on consoles (which, admittedly, I too would’ve preferred).

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