GSQ5: Oh hey, Super Mario Bros. is 25

Super Mario Bros.
Apparently it’s some sort of anniversary today, or something. For whatever reason, I’d figured Super Mario Bros.’ 25th birthday to have been back in July or so, but I assume Nintendo knows these things best. Anyway, always one to capitalize on multiples of five, I’ve posted Jake Alley’s Super Mario retrospective from GameSpite Quarterly 5. Gasp! There’s that number again.

4 thoughts on “GSQ5: Oh hey, Super Mario Bros. is 25

  1. Great piece that gives me newfound appreciation of the original Super Mario Bros. I should buy that game on VC (funnily enough, I bought Super Mario Bros. 2 first :)).

    PS Maybe if we’re lucky, we can get the collection on the Wii with all of the extras and awesome box and box art (which is different from the advertisement, it seems) in the US on Super Mario Bros. 25th US anniversary, that would be pretty awesome.

  2. I already have Super Mario All-Stars for my SNES.. I don’t need it again. It’d’ve been nice if they did a new remastered collection with some other games as well and gave a download token for All-Stars on VC, but god forbid they ever try to suggest people use VC. Or tell the mass market that it’s there at all.

  3. Having watched the video that Nintendo produced in celebration of Super Mario Bros., I found it interesting to note that the company highlighted what might be considered the eight mainline games in the franchise. Quite a modest number when one considers just how many games Mario and Co. have appeared in during the last quarter century. Reinvention and refinement seem to be defining characteristics of the series, leaving me to wonder just how Miyamoto plans to surprise gamers’ expectations in Mario’s next major outing. It’s hard to imagine a gameplay breakthrough on the scale of Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario 64, but Nintendo is still a strong example of continuously creative output in the games industry.

    Happy 25th, Mario! Thank-a you for all the memories!

  4. Very eloquently put as usual Jeremy! After reading this I think I’m going to give the old girl another blast on VC. It’s no wonder why it’s still up there on peoples lists of their favorite games.

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