Murder on the Narita express

Yep, looks like I’m in Tokyo again, drifting through the city streets as a jetlagged zombie desperate to stay awake long enough to nudge his sleep cycle toward normal.

A sure sign we’re here: the sight of Kohler coveting useless (but extremely cool) trinkets…

…and the sight of bafflement when he fails. Good times, good times.

7 thoughts on “Murder on the Narita express

  1. Keep us updated, Jeremy. What is that, that Kohler is looking at anyway? Just statuettes or something more?

    I know you said in the last podcast that you loathe podcasting, but I hope you can suppress that a little and sit down with Kohler for a podcast just about the current scene in Akihabara and used/retro gaming in Japan.

  2. You mad man, it is something with the Mother logo on it? It no longer matters what it is beyond that! …But, yeah, looks to be statuettes of the original cast.

  3. Useless? Are you kidding me?

    Japan gets more cool stuff than we can even fathom. And we end up paying a pretty penny for it on eBay. All we get is crappy mass produced toys with bad paint jobs…which I’m sure Japan gets their fair share of, but eh.

  4. It’s so unfair how Japan gets these awesome pieces of merchandise hidden away by ridiculously difficult crane games because it seriously jacks up the price for poor Americans looking to import.

    I want those MOTHER figurines so bad. :'(

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