Hey, it’s PAX

I guess PAX is officially in full swing now, because I’ve just returned from the apparently now-annual Talking Time pre-show dinner meet up, which as usual involved a number of forumgoers eating food and listening to me make dumb puns. People came from as far away as Australia to enjoy this food. That’s a moderately respectable feat!

Although the show has yet to begin, I’ve had a pretty busy day full of interesting encounters. Of these the most interesting was arguably the way I ended up in an airplane next to a guy who worked at Maxis in the pre-EA days and went on to manage a lot of business matters for The Learning Company back in the days when they owned Myst, Prince of Persia, the Mindscape catalog, and who knows what else. It served as a reminder of sorts for me, refreshing my memory of just how much I’m fascinated by this medium’s history, and how many amazing stories there are to be coaxed out of the people who helped define that history.

Speaking of which, I hope everyone who’s at PAX this year will try and stop by the Retronauts podcast Sunday at 1:30. I’ve been planning for a while to make this the final episode of the show, but apparently Idle Thumbs (who is presenting opposite of us) already announced that as their schtick… so I guess it’ll be the next-to-last episode of the show. Those jerks.

I think I need sleep now so that I can be rested for tomorrow. Please be sure to say hello if you see me, and try to keep your natural compulsion to punch me in the face in check. Also, I hear Eidos will be giving out a couple hundred all-you-can-drink beer and wine wristbands at the 1UP meet up tomorrow night at the Tap House, so you should come to that. You know, if you’re a lush or whatever.

32 thoughts on “Hey, it’s PAX

  1. You’re ending the Retronauts podcast? But you still haven’t made a MSX centric episode. Man, I’m feeling down already. Well whatever happens it’s been a great run and hey Retronauts is one of the longest running gaming podcast in gaming that it has become Retro itself.

  2. No more Retronauts? That’s a pretty depressing thought. I loved it and maybe you can still come back to it on a more occasional basis?

  3. whaaat! If I wasn’t so tired I would’Ve fallen out of my chair while the momentun multiplied by my shock would have propelled me onto my (low) ceiling where I would’ve been stuck for about 13.7 seconds before falling back down and be literally smacked in the face (with a whole floor, mind you!) by the fact that you wanna end retronauts?! aaaaahhh!! you’re taking away my comfort food :( this makes me really sad :/

    However, on a less selfish note, I can totally understand if you have too much on your plate with gamespite and 1up stuff to worry about and if the topics that grab the most attention have all been discussed…

    Back on the selfish wagon though, I hope you’re considering doing a few special episodes if the occasion presents itself (ninja occasion, reveal yourself! at once!)

    anyways, I guess this means I’ll have to re-listen to all podcasts again :) (and I only discovered this awesome podcast 20months ago … what is life without some retro love… and the soothing voice of wisdom telling us about those itty bit-y years..)

    this is like when the Fat Boys broke up …only that I actually care this time!

  4. Whaaa? No more Retronauts? I’ve already had one of those week-long streaks of bad luck, involving theft and hospitalization of a relative, and now this?! I at least hope this doesn’t mean Parish is leaving 1UP or something. That would be even worse.

  5. I hope the “last episode” schtick is simply that. Retronauts is the best podcast I have ever listened to (on any topic, not just gaming) and it would be a total shame to see it end.

  6. Count me as one of those horrified by the idea that Retronauts is all but over. Mr. Parish should, of course, do what’s right for him, but still…this will make for a sad and wistful Labor Day weekend!

  7. Please tell us you are joking. Retronauts ending would be very uncool. What will I listen to when I commute or jog? Say it ain’t so!

  8. Rather than say, “What, no more retronauts?” Perhaps we (the fans of the show) should be saying, “Thanks for the memories, Mr. Parish. Seriously!” Also, “Thanks for putting down the show before it became a grim exercise for the regulars.” It’s been fun, a there are a lot of terrific episodes, but to be 100% honest, the recent run has sounded compulsory, like everyone had better things to do.

    There will be other venues for the exploration of the history of video games, people.

  9. Well, if you’re NOT joking, then I guess I have ZERO podcasts to listen to after PAX. Bah!

  10. @ kronsk

    It should go without saying that we are all thankful for the memories. That doesn’t change the fact that there will obviously be many disappointed listeners if the show is ended.

  11. Too bad about Retronauts — I like the 1UP podcasts, but find that there are, at the moment, too many general interest ones (oddcast, at1up, the 1update, which isn’t technically a podcast). Retronauts is actually enriching, and especially entertaining when someone rants about a topic I knew nothing about (e.g. the Monkey Island review episode).

    While I realize there may be some professional reason for ending the show, perhaps it’s because you’re too self-deprecating? Retronauts is plenty focused for me (even when you say it’s not) and I almost always wish it ran longer (even when you’re concerned about running over). Perhaps this is because I’m stuck in an office all day, though.

  12. Jet Pilot, it should not go without saying. If people who provide you with entertainment for free hear nothing but complaints, they’ll start to resent what they do.

    Retronauts was fun, Jeremy. Thanks.

  13. Glad I got to see Retronauts live at PAX East. I’ve always enjoyed listening and you’ve always done a great job of hosting and keeping the show focused.

  14. Saying “what, no more Retronauts?!” isn’t a complaint. It’s the confused cry of a fan seeing something they love go away.

    Now, if we had been saying “you selfish jerk you OWE US”, then your point would stand.

  15. I knew it would come to this one day. I just didn’t expect it to be so soon especially at the cusp of 100.

    Jeremy, I love your writing and your show probably more than anything else in gaming. You’ve helped me past the time and learn a few things along the way about the history of games. I’ll be honest, before I started listening, I didn’t really care for the history of this industry. You changed my opinion and I think for the better and I thank you.

    Keep up the good work Jeremy. I’ll be listening and reading and probably snatch up a few Gamespites once I get a decent revenue stream in my life.

  16. @ Kupek

    I have yet to see anyone complain about the Retronauts podcast here or elsewhere.

    There’s been a lot of people expressing their sadness that this excellent podcast is coming to a close after an excellent run, but there have been zero complaints posted here.

  17. I just wanted to say thanks for Retronauts. I’ve been an avid listener since episode four, and it really has meant a lot to me over the various periods of my life. Good luck with everything and thanks again.

  18. Thanks for the years and years of podcasts, Jeremy (and crew). I have listened to them all numerous times while waiting for each new one to arrive. They all plucked a few nostalgic strings in me from my childhood. At least there is still gamespite to keep me comfy. Maybe someday you’ll post your Jetpack Goonies docs so some of us can take a stab at making it a reality. ;)

  19. Retronauts has been a great treat and I have enjoyed listening to it so much over the last couple of years! Thank you Jeremy! I am very sad to see it go =(

  20. Man, sad news. Retronauts helped me through so many commutes over the three years I’ve been listening to it, and I really hate to see it go. :(

  21. This is super sad news. I really would pay directly for retronauts which I can’t say for any other podcast. Something about the content and the hosts always struck me as incredibly genuine. Anyways keep up the good work and I hope this doesn’t turn out to be truely final.

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