GSQ5: Obligatory joke about sucking

Kirby’s Adventure
I know that every joke about Kirby has been made, including “lol this game sucks geddit” and various oblique references to Jack Kirby. So I won’t bother. But man, wouldn’t a game about Kirby’s Fourth World be amazing? Sure, it would probably end up being a minigame collection for Wii (“Can you outrace the Black Racer?”), but a man can dream. Of course, this game is pretty great, too.

13 thoughts on “GSQ5: Obligatory joke about sucking

  1. A Mr. Miracle puzzle-platformer escaping from Granny Goodness’ Terror Orphanage would be AMAZING.

  2. Kirby’s Adventure is the greatest platformer on the NES. Some may consider it to be Mario 3, but I say they’re wrong. :)

  3. Really? No offense to either Kirby’s Adventure or Super Mario Bros. 3, but I’ve always considered the best NES platformer to be either Mega Man 2 or Castlevania III. Although really, it’s not like prefering one to the other is wrong, unless of course your favorite platformer is Spelunker…Because that is wrong.

  4. At one time, I would have said Mega Man 2, and I still place it at the near-pinnacle of NES platformers. There were just so many good ones, that it’s very much just picking nits.

    I’d personally place Mega Man 2 above Mario 3 myself. And probably CV3, although it’s a little closer. I was just referring to the usual popular consensus that Mario 3 is the greatest NES game EVAR (and it is admittedly great, although I was loathe to admit it at one point).

    I’m also being slightly facetious. :D

  5. Sooo much innovation with this game. The pic of UFO reminded me of that. Also the “mix” feature allowed for plenty excitement and anticipation for my 10 year old self

  6. BTW, did anyone notice that Kirby’s Epic Yarn looks a lot like the Kirby’s Adventure commercial?

  7. Got an email today while at work that my GSQ5 has arrived! I have read the Kirby article four times now to try and sate myself until I can actually get home.

  8. I adore the Dreamland tribute level. I look forward to playing it every time I replay Adventure (even though the addition of save slots means I can play it whenever I want).

  9. I won’t get into a debate over whether Kirby’s Adventure is the best NES game, but Kirby is, for me at least, far and away Nintendo’s best franchise.

  10. Funnily enough, Kirby has been one of the few big franchises (which is debatable, I guess) which has never gone into 3D, sans Air Ride (which is 3D, but I’m talking more about platformers rather than spinoffs).

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