GSQ5: Playing with (the) Power (Set)

The NES Power Set
If you pay carefully attention to the index page for GameSpite Quarterly 5, you will notice a certain pattern taking form. Rather than simply post magazine content from start to finish, I’m dabbling a bit in each section to keep things from being quite so linear and predictable. So please to enjoy this non-linear and unpredictable look at the NES Power Set.
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Also of interest: Noble soul PapillonReel is putting together a permanent archive of all of Talking Time‘s Let’s Play threads. At the moment, alas, it’s pretty much just a landing page. He is looking for equally noble souls to help him round up and organize the images and text for this archive! If you’re willing to help, please drop him a private message on the forums. It is for a good cause. The cause of squandering free time in pleasant ways.

4 thoughts on “GSQ5: Playing with (the) Power (Set)

  1. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the Let’s Play links don’t actually seem to work. They take me to a second page of links for each particular one, which then fails.

  2. That’s because I’m still adding them! Since the bulk of the work is in uploading the images (which I’ve only just started on, alas), none of the LPs have anything archived on-site yet.

  3. Hate to be the one to point this out, but since no one else has: shouldn’t the first paragraph say “Not quite so many, however, are NEStalgic for the Power Set,” rather than the Action Set?

  4. “Apart from the pack-in game World Class Track Meet (Nintendo never sold the Power Pad separately), there was only one more athletic compilation released in America, as well as the odd police chase game Street Cop and the minigame compilation Short Order/Eggsplode!”

    There were two athletic compilations: Athletic World and Super Team Games, and the article never mentions Dance Aerobics. The author missed two of the six games.

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