Peek, sneakily

It’s not quite ready for acquisition and consumption just yet — lots of copy editing remains to be performed — but GameSpite Quarterly 5 now has a full-fledged page online for viewing, solicitation, and salivation. I spent a fair chunk of my weekend taking photographs and even drawing the remainder of images for the book; basically, if I wasn’t working on an Ys VII review or sweating off the side effects of a tetanus booster, I was juggling images.

You know how I’m pretty averse to saying anything positive about myself and the work I do in a public venue? Well, I am saying right now that this book is really kind of awesome, and while it’s not going to be perfect, I’m confident that we’ll all be incredibly proud of the final results. I’m also confident that after this I’m going to lay down some kind of policy on the maximum page count for these magazines. 200 seems like a nice number. 440 is a bit much to deal with, it turns out.

Anyway, you can get a glimpse of the book’s structure and a snapshot of the cover on the relevant page. Aw, heck, I’ll just embed the cover in this here blog post. I played with a few concepts for this cover, but ultimately decided to go with something simple and iconic. Hopefully it meets with your approval! And if not, well, sucks for you.

10 thoughts on “Peek, sneakily

  1. I’m not the kind of person who can afford to buy a book about video games (or any other subject, for that matter), but it does look like I’ll be missing out.

  2. You won’t really miss out on anything except formatting and tangibility, since all this stuff will be online eventually.

  3. You win at simple and iconic! It’s adorable. I just finished reading my first of your books yesterday, so I need you to go ahead and get this one rolling. I hope a photo of my NES Advantage actually made it into the final work!

  4. Hmm… so where are the hundred or so mini-writeups ending up? One giant wad I’m just not seeing on the index, or spread around between full length articles?

  5. Wow, that is one seriously awesome cover. If it wasn’t for Ys 7 and Valkyria Chronicles 2 (and later Etrian Odyssey III), I would totally get this…Maybe I’ll be able to pick it up after Etrian Odyssey III

    PS And if it’s not too much trouble, what do you think of Ys 7 so far? Is it better than Ys VI or I & II for the DS?

  6. It is inevitable that reading this issue will prompt me to exhume my NES and set it up in the living room where it has been sorely missed. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this gaming milestone.

    The cover and preview layouts look great.

  7. Any chance of releasing this on say, Kindle? I’m thinking probably no since the whole project is as I understand it driven by a love for physical media, however I read everything on the Kindle now and would gladly pay for an e-book version. Just thought I’d ask.

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