Someone in Michigan loves Dragon Quest VI

And I have photographic proof:

Man, if I had a car, I would totally get a custom plate that says, “Puff-Puff.”

12 thoughts on “Someone in Michigan loves Dragon Quest VI

  1. But what if people take it to mean you are a Grandia fan instead?

    Admittedly this is not a likely event.

  2. More likely than being taken as a DQVI fan, a game which has never been released in the US.

  3. Well, Michigan DOES have a ridiculous number of Arab-Americans, but I’m thinking this is a Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun reference.

  4. That guy’s gonna be so pissed when he sees what Hassan’s US name’s been changed to in Dragon Quest IX. Really, I won’t be surprised if Carver actually will be his Dragon Quest VI DS name when it gets localized, either. Still waiting for US screens of that.

    It’s a shame his name was changed though, considering Hassan’s also the name of that dimwitted guard trying to chop Daffy Duck in Ali Baba Bunny. Missed opportunity for several bad “HASSAN CHOP!” jokes. =P

  5. If that were a CA plate I’d think you found my dream car.

    (it’s me, I’m the lone guy waiting madly for a DQVI DS – stop fucking teasing and do it, damn you!)

  6. If he was anywhere near Dearborn, I’m guessing that it’s someone of Arabic descent.

  7. There seem to be thousands, if not tens of thousands, of really dedicated DQVI fans in Metro Detroit. They even name their kids after him!

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