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I had a chance to play Other M the other day, and it was really quite surprising. I’m sorry to say it, but I haven’t really had much interest in the game to date. It’s neat that it exists, but I’ve seen too many disappointing sequels and revivals of good franchises to be able to muster up excitement for an upcoming release simply because of the name on the box. You know, like Metroid Prime 3. And, to be completely honest, what I’ve seen of Other M has been more or less the opposite of what I’d want to see in a “classic” Metroid game: Lots of awkward exposition and stilted cutscenes, an emphasis on hyperkinetic action, and very little of the meaty solitude and exploration that hooked me on the series (and gaming!) to begin with.

Happily, it looks like this is simply a crime of presentation rather than actual design; Nintendo just hasn’t shown off the good stuff yet. I guess their demo planners have a different idea about what makes a compelling sample of a Metroid game than I do.

So yeah. Other M is on my preorder list now. Between this and Ys VII‘s stealth launch, I had to sack my preorder for the Lost series box set in order to be able to keep to my August budget. REVIEW BONUS: That means Lost is only worth, like, 60 bucks instead of 150! C MINUS.

DOUBLE BONUS: The intro to my Other M preview was intended as a playful jab at Kohler’s somewhat infamous “I am awesome at Mario Galaxy 2!” preview… until I realized that my competence at the game actually was a meaningful hook. Hopefully, this means that someone will pen a preview mocking my superficial cockiness six months from now, and the wheel will continue to spin.

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  1. I always liked how you mentioned part of Metroid’s appeal being the fact that Samus is kept in somber isolation for the majority of the games. It makes boss encounters much more striking and pathway discovery consistently satisfying when no one tells you where to go and who to kill.

  2. PRO TIP: You get a $20 credit towards a future game purchase when you preorder Other M at, which essentially makes the game $29.99. Can’t go wrong with that!

  3. Honestly, I wasn’t that excited about Metroid: Other M either due to its cinematics-focused videos, but my interest’s increased after your preview. Alternating from 2D to 3D camera to help find the locations of hidden goodies and passages is something I can really get behind.

    It sounds sorta reminiscient of Super Paper Mario’s flipping gimmick, although the execution’s way different.

  4. Yeah, 3D doesn’t seem to be as important in Metroid Other M as it was in Super Paper Mario. The game doesn’t look meh when it goes into 3D either (on account of the game having, you know, 3D graphics).

    To be honest, I wasn’t going to buy Metroid Other M, but thanks to your positive preview and the great Amazon deal, I’ll probably be picking this one up. Between this and Ys 7, and Valkyria Chronicles 2, I’m going to be dirt poor for August. I wonder if I should just skip on getting the special edition of Ys 7…

  5. Metroid Prime 3 was a fantastic game. It still features the most natural use of the Wiimote ever, too.

    The story, though, was utter rubbish. Shameful, really.

  6. This now officially joins EO3 and Ys7 LE on my ‘to preorder’ list.

    Were you insinuating that Prime 3 was a disappointment, btw?

  7. I wish Nintendo would have left Retro in charge of the art. Other M is pretty damn fugly.

    Man, this is the first 3D Metroid game I feel captures the visual style from the 2D games, notably Super Metroid. That’s the last thing I want changed.

  8. I really like how they’ve retained the same feel of the artstyle of the 2D Metroids right down to Samus’ fierce looking visor. The Prime games had a more western touch to it that never quite got that part right.

    The more I read about Other M and how its a geniune Metroid game like in the 1UP preview, the more excited I get. (I started reading the manga in anticipation.)

  9. Samus’s Power Suit isn’t quite as it appears in Metroid II and Super Metroid’s artwork; the fine details have generally been streamlined and smoothed over. It’s still more faithful than how it looked in the Prime games, though. And yes, getting the visor right is a major victory.

  10. That reminds me, you said the game is like Metroid Fusion. From what you’ve played, is it better than Fusion? Because to be honest, I could not get into Fusion. Is bomb jumping still alive? Are the sectioned off areas too restrictive?

  11. Yeah, salt grain: Parish likes Fusion and hates Prime 3. That said, despite my entirely opposite view – this preview is miles of win in my mind. Can’t wait!


    I don’t know if you watched Lost in its entirety, but let me save you some $$ right now: It’s not worth buying. Use Netflix, use Redbox, hell, use Blockbuster to rent the 6th season, but save your money.

    Yours truly,
    Disappointed Lost Fan

  13. I agree that the graphics harken back to the earlier Metroid games, and have more of a “futurist” look (“clean and colorful” is a good way of putting it). Even though I think the Prime games were unparalleled in terms of art design, I appreciate that Nintendo (as always, and notably with Wind Waker) is willing to move away from some earlier success and try something different.

  14. No entirely on-topic but…jeremy, what did you think about Mario Galaxy 2? Could you give your mini-review?

  15. I don’t hate Prime 3, I just think Retro lost the plot in a lot of ways (trying to make it more of an FPS but not bothering to give the enemies any AI to speak of, etc.). As far as I’m concerned, the original Prime is the only one worth playing.

  16. @Hero “Metroid Prime 3 was a fantastic game. It still features the most natural use of the Wiimote ever, too.”

    Only if you’re right handed. I couldn’t play the game. Worst Metroid game ever for me.

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