Back ahead of schedule

This morning on the train to work, I finished the last bit of text for GameSpite Quarterly 5. I still need to whip up some images and take photos for a few articles, but those aren’t the sort of things that need proof-reading. So, as soon as I throw together a cover mock-up, I will be submitting the issue to Blurb for a proof printing. Weeks ahead of schedule and everything. How exciting!

I’m so happy that I’m posting another page sample. All you folks who lent me various NES peripherals and goods, rest assured your efforts are going to good use, as you can see here:

11 thoughts on “Back ahead of schedule

  1. 1. Another tantalizingly polished sample!
    2. I really appreciate you getting this ready so I can have this and Year 1 Vol. 2 delivered to me together before my next offspring arrives at the end of the month.

  2. It also could’ve influenced the Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo CD controllers. But those things were great with 2D games.

  3. cool shot of the controller.

    I’m excited to finally be able to buy this stuff since blurb got their business together and added paypal as a payment option! yay! went ahead and order GS Year 1 Vol 1+2 :)

    and then each month I’ll get one or two Quarterlys until I’ve caught up on all of them!

    big props to jeremy for putting together something as awesome as this (blind assumption, but I’m confident I won’t be disappointed)

  4. I had one of those. It was, indeed, terrible for controlling the likes of Trevor Belmont and Mega Man.

  5. The Neo Geo Pocket controller was something completely different than the NES Max. The Max is a disc that literally slides around in its socket, and I think the pressure of your thumb is meant to activate the digital controls built into the ring. (I guess?) The NGPC controller was an extremely compact joystick, basically — a stick similar to the PlayStation Dual Shock’s, but practically flush with the system, and digital.

  6. I’m sure this has been noted many times over, it has to have been, but…

    DAMN does that.. um, d-pad? Resemble the “Stick” on the 3DS.

  7. ^

    This is what happens when you don’t read the subject matter before commenting. *hangs self in corner

  8. Ummm….I really don’t want to be that guy, but…typo? “The wing-shapred structure of the controller…”

    Is it too late to fix that? Did I ruin it forever? I hope not.

  9. I seem to recall the Max being good to play RC Pro Am with, but pretty terrible for just about every other game.

  10. It’s OK to be “that guy.” Your eagle eye apparently missed the part where I said this was going into the proof-reading portion of the cycle. Now is the time to catch my typos (since InDesign doesn’t auto spell check).

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