GSQ4: Riddickulous

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from License Butchery
So here’s an interesting discovery: When you have a render of virtual Vin Diesel about to cut someone with a shiv and you shrink it down really small, it suddenly looks like virtual Vin Diesel is threatening to pick his victim’s nose. I’m really very sorry about that, because this is a very good article about an Xbox cult favorite and deserves better than that.

6 thoughts on “GSQ4: Riddickulous

  1. To this day I hold up the beginning part of this game as my gold standard for melee combat. So, so satisfying.

  2. I think a virtual Vin Diesel threatening to pick anyones nose with a screw driver is STILL damn scary.

  3. Such an incredible game. It’s an odd treat, too: that rare games that comes from left field from an unproven company that does the immersive FPS thing better than anything before it.

    Breakdown (also for the original Xbox) should also be noted. Butcher Bay is better, though. Oh, and Breakdown isn’t based off a movie.

  4. remarkable game for numerous reasons. A biggie being one day (@the 2004 presidential election), retailers spontaneously decided to lower the game’s price to around $10 like they were trying to liquidate it for some reason.

    Um, but yeah, really good game. This article makes me go ???HUH??? since it sounds more like commentary than an actual analytical review of someone who really played the hell out of it. Easiest game to compare it to is MGS because Butcher Bay has a well done stealth gimmick playing off of the character’s night vision mutant-powers. Plus its got Xibit! Yo dawg! Being thrown into slam in a slam in a slam while you get slammed in the butt joke opportunity.

    Also well written with Riddick tossing out very witty smart assy remarks. Makes me question what went so horribly wrong with Dark Athena where he sounds like a lobotomized batman. (I think its because Atari touched it and they ruin everything)

  5. Well, you can pick your nose, and you can pick your enemies, but you can’t pick your enemy’s no-oh, wait, Mr. Diesel has a rebuttal…

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