GSQ4: High colonists

Age of Empires III
Articles like this make me long to try the game in question, because Mr. Littleton makes Age of Empires sound so engrossing and compelling! The problem is that I hate managing the different assets and resources you juggle in strategy sims like this. I don’t even like having people report to me at work; being responsible for an entire civilization would have me sobbing in a corner. Such a pity.

5 thoughts on “GSQ4: High colonists

  1. I’ve always really liked this game, though I never played it as much as I wanted to. The expansions really broadened the scope, and the Home Cities were a stroke of genius.

    The board game, though very different mechanically, is no slouch either.

  2. I had a slight addiciton to AOE II, and articles like this just make it all so dang tempting to go back.

  3. Age of Empires 3 is really pretty good. It’s a lot more “innovative” than AoE2, and really feels like there is a good harmony between simplicity and complexity.

    Honestly, it doesn’t require much resource management skill, unless you’re planning on playing competitive multiplayer (which you obviously wouldn’t be). Maybe that’s just coming from my AoE2 background, though, so I had a huge level of built-in familiarity already.

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