Today I worked on GSQ5 so much — about 90 pages worth — that I may have ruined my right hand. The nerve is burning and pinching. The only other time I’ve ever felt this kind of pain was when I was a kid and played too much Rad Racer. Weirdly, I laid out a Rad Racer page today. I’m gonna go ahead and leap to the logical conclusion here: Rad Racer is cursed. And I think maybe Nasir hates me.

10 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Does the Rad Racer feature in the book have an option to use the red/blue 3D glasses?

  2. Sorry about your hand. We appreciate all your hard work, though! May I recommend an old folk remedy: DualShock Therapy.
    Take a DexDrive, a PS1 Memory Card, and download a save file of Metal Gear Solid’s post-torture sequence.

  3. I have vague recollections of playing Rad Racer with such intensity that I acquired why my friends and I referred to as “Nintendo Thumb”. I remember trying the 3D glasses that came in the box…I seemed to be incapable of seeing it. I think I had this same effect with RC Pro Am.

  4. “Aren’t you writing these Quarterlys on a computer?”

    Repetitive motion strain from using a mouse for an entire day, I imagine. It can really wreck your hand/wrist.

  5. Actually, from using a trackpad. I’ve switched to a mouse and my hand has recovered nicely

  6. Oh yeah, those trackpads can be real bitches. At least they’re better than those old laptops, which had a small red button in place of a mouse (forgot what it’s called).

  7. A nub.

    My step brother once tore his hand up pretty bad playing a mario party on N64. It was something to do with spinning the stick in circles a lot with the palm of his hand.

  8. here come the painful cortisone injections and electrical charges being passed through your arm! toot! toot!

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