A stupid post draws near!

A little while ago, I saw a woman on TV whose name was Mera. I was really disappointed when she didn’t begin blasting fire at everyone in sight.

OK, something less stupid. Um, let’s see…. oh yes.

Work is apace on Issue 5 layouts! I’m aiming to max this one out. Blurb allows up to 420 pages in a book, and the NES can certainly justify that much content.

And I’ve ditched the traditional GameSpite typeface. It’s been a while coming. I’ve never liked it as much ever since Emigre redesigned the original version (Emigre Eight) into Lo-Res 12, anyway.

6 thoughts on “A stupid post draws near!

  1. Oh @#$%, is this the format on the mini-writeup section? I was figuring there’d just be a big text dump towards the end somewhere. Seems I have work left undone… also, what’s the page count going to come out to on this one?

  2. These pages are pick-ups for games that didn’t see full articles. There are a few dozen full-length pieces, and these go in between. As for page count… re-read the post!

  3. Deadly Towers has no place in a book, let alone right next to Gradius, and especially not in a book with such well-designed layouts!

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