How to spot an Etrian Odyssey fan

It’s actually pretty easy. Just look at the bottom screen of their DS:

If the only scratches you can see on the screen are arranged in the form of a perfect grid that precisely overlaps Etrian Odyssey‘s virtual graph paper, you can be pretty sure you’re dealing with a fan.

17 thoughts on “How to spot an Etrian Odyssey fan

  1. Meanwhile, massive circular scratches on the middle of the screen indicate an Ouendan fan. Curse you, spinners!

  2. That’s… pretty much how my bottom screen looks. And I’ve only just started EOII.

  3. I was a tester on New International Track and Field, if you saw my bottom screen you wouldn’t believe it still worked

  4. Yeah, after playing TWEWY and Ninja Gaiden back to back my screen is totally wrecked!

  5. No screen protector, parish?

    The newer, clear Pelican protectors are flawless. Just don’t get the anti-glare crap.

  6. My mom’s got some serious cross-hatch scratching on her DS screen, but all she plays is Zoo Keeper. Same principle, I suppose.

    Meanwhile, I have a DSi but it looks brand new. I fail as a gamer! (runs off to cry)

  7. My first DS bore the Puzzle Quest scar grid on its screen protector until it fell in the line of duty.

  8. My screen has no scratches, Parish; that’s what protectors are for (no, not the class, the accessory you get for your DS).

  9. The old 2D version of Picross resulted in very similar grid-shaped scratches, as well as some other grid-based puzzle games I imported from Europe and Japan…

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