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My busy review marathon is finally over, and with the advent of my Dragon Quest IX review I’m done with the game at last. Well, “done.” There’s still a ton of post-story content to tackle. And I’m dying to take the game to PAX, which I assume will be downright carcinogenic for all the wireless tag mode data being beamed around. I have to take a break from the game for the time being, though, because my 75 hours of progress are locked up on a review ROM. Nintendo promises they’ll be able to transfer all of that onto a real cart, which is a Christmas miracle to be sure, but it’s probably going to take a while.

But that’s OK, because this means I can move onto my latest project:

Unfortunately, now that I’ve fulfilled my primary Etrian Odyssey III goal of creating a red-haired, pig-tailed, female Monk named Ranma, I’m kind of at a loss for what to do next.

10 thoughts on “On to the next

  1. Have you beaten Etrian Odyssey II yet? And by beat I mean complete the fifth stratum.

  2. No, I’ve been hung up at the boss of the fourth stratum for a dog’s age. I will finish it eventually, though. I’m not reviewing EOIII so I’ll probably just use the preview build to get a feel for the first two strata, learn how I’ve horribly mismanaged my party, and make a clean start on the retail version. As usual.

  3. Clearly you need a tall, black haired warrior named Kuno, along with a blue haired shinobi named Ukyo, and a Beastking named Happosai to round out your party.

  4. Parish, when you’re using the Tag Mode thing, can you set it so that you’re ALERTED if somebody’s carrying around their own copy of the game?

  5. I think you’re supposed to go into the dungeon.

    (Maybe you should try searching for a Cursed Spring in the Waterfall Wood)

  6. Not that Nintendo would approve, but a flashcart and certain homebrew will accomplish moving the save as well.

    I’m itching to pick up my copy of DQIX tomorrow. Thanks for the review!

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