So I made a shirt

And then I photographed it… badly. Apparently the iOS 4 update has turned my iPhone 3GS’s camera function into junk. That’s heartwarming!

Anyway, so yeah. I wanted to see what sort of quality I could expect from, since I’ve heard good things about it. It seems pretty nice, actually. I need to give it a few runs through the wash to see if it’s less likely to dissolve upon contact with water than Cafe Press apparel, but I like the print quality and the shirt options.

Is this design something people would actually wear on their bodies? I am curious. I realize T-shirts are pretty passé, now that the Internet T-shirt craze has passed… but people do request GameSpite/ToastyFrog shirts occasionally, so consider this an official query. Yes? No? Any designs you would particularly want to see? Should I just punch myself in the face and save everyone the embarrassment? You tell me.

40 thoughts on “So I made a shirt

  1. I love the color scheme AND the rings on the neck/sleeves. It’s like it was made for me!

    That said, the shirts I tend to like best are ones with interesting designs. Look at those shirts, for example: they’re rarely just “logo stuck in the center / where the breast pocket would be”. Something to think about.

  2. I don’t think I’d buy a shirt but I’d totally buy a patch or something that I could stick on my hat.

  3. Well, this was just a test, basically… checking on quality and feasibility with existing art. If I made real shirts for other people I would put some effort into making them interesting.

    I am pretty sure patches are waaaay beyond the realm of possibility.

  4. If people like you, then they’ll buy things!

    (I wonder how the hell long it’s been since I did that stupid comic strip)

    You’ve got a lot of drawings and stuff that’d probably look good screenprinted, and you could probably wring a catch phrase or favorite quote out of of all the stuff you’ve put out pretty easily.

    Telebunny, maybe?

  5. I do like ringer tees, though it depends on the thickness and tensile strength of the cotton fiber. How’s the shirt?

    But yes, I would purchase one.

  6. I really like how the text on this isn’t too big or obvious, although I’m not a super big fan of the brown if only because I don’t look super great in that color. Love the pink coloring on the neck and sleeves, though.

  7. Spreadshirt offers a pretty decent selection of shirts, and it’s possible to offer buyers a limited number of customization options. It’s something I like about them vs. other similar services. This one was printed on an American Apparel ringer, because I intend to wear this sometimes and wanted to make a shirt I like. I prefer AA’s fitted cut and the thin-but-durable material they use, but Spreadshirt also has heavier (and less expensive) standard tees, as well as AA shirts in a non-ringer style, etc.

    And obviously a Telebunny shirt would be a thing, no question.

  8. EIGHT POINT FIVE. Both for the shirt and something I’d want to see on one, but I might be the only person who still likes that joke.

  9. Definitely, especially if you can buy ringer tees like the one shown, that’s pretty much all I wear nowadays anyway.

  10. Looks good to me, I can’t afford the books you put out right now, but I’d make an exception on a Gamespite/Toastyfrog shirt. Gotta support the forums somehow.

    The design looks great on that one, especially if it’s around $20 range.

  11. If I were to buy a shirt, it’d have a logo that was simple and recognizable, but looks okay to people who have no idea what it’s about.

    I don’t think I’d buy that shirt.

  12. Shame patches wouldn’t be an option.

    Assuming the designs were solid and the shirts a good quality (which you already seem to be sure they are) I’d consider getting one. I’m with Comic though in that the logo would have to stand on its own before I’d buy one.

  13. I haven’t worn a ring shirt in ages. How about something in plain black or heather gray? Also, a Telebunny shirt or simple Toastyfrog shirt would be boss.

  14. I’d be down for a shirt, probably.

    What I’d really love is a Fun Club jacket or patch, though.

  15. I am drawn toward designs that go by the less is more philosophy, with a single color screen print on a solid color shirt. I like supporting niche communities, but I prefer when their designs are more universal rather than inside jokes or really obscure references. ToastyFrog or Telebunny would be really great designs because they’re appealing characters even if you aren’t familiar with or video games. I’d totally buy a shirt with the ToastyFrog Mage.

  16. Hmm… do you think you could do something sorta like the GSQ3 covers, except with a Toasty Frog (or Telebunny) sprite instead of copyrighted characters?

  17. Oh, oh! Miyamoto as the Iron Chef! (from the Cooking Mama review)
    I would wear one of those.

  18. Oh, man, the Miyamoto Iron Chef pic! That would be great…. for me to wear to my next Miyamoto interview.

    All these good ideas! Now I want to quit my day job and start making T-shirts, just for the heck of it.

  19. I’m just a lurker, but I would totally buy one of those, as well as a Telebunny shirt. And probably any other TF/GS themed shirts, cause you guys rock, and all that.

  20. I love me some ringer shirts, but i’m not a fan of the logo on breast pocket design. something that blended in more with the shirt would be awesome. and of course i’d buy it. i practically live here as is.

  21. Maybe like a minimalist Toastyfrog head just in the center on a ringer T-shirt?

  22. How badly do shirts suck? I’ve heard plenty of bad things about Cafe Press, but never about Zazzle, and I’ve never tried them myself.

  23. Buy it? Hmmm….like ringers, but not the image being on the breast pocket area. Buy a shirt though? Yes, sir I would.

  24. As for the washing, they tend to last a long time. I design shirts for my drum corps and let Spreadshirt do the sales, and my 2008 show shirt (worn and washed almost once a week) was legible for over a year and a half. Just turn it inside out — it’ll last longer.

  25. If the ringer shirt doesn’t also come with that mostly polyester, sweat pooling under it with nowhere to go feel, you have only half of the experience.

    I love T-shirts and would buy one of yours.

    (…and no, please don’t make it mostly polyester if you do.)

  26. I highly second the rings on the collar and sleeves.

    I would genuinely consider buying this shirt

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