Nintendo Power cover spoils new Sonic game

So, based on the cover of the new issue of Nintendo Power, I think I’ve figured out the final boss of the new Sonic game, Sonic Colors:

Prostate cancer.

Seriously, check out his pose. If the position and pose of that left hand doesn’t say, “Turn your head and cough!” I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. I think I’ll be passing on this one based on the inevitable minigames alone.

Still, at least we can be grateful it’s arriving before the 3D visualization boom begins in earnest.

16 thoughts on “Nintendo Power cover spoils new Sonic game

  1. Isn’t “Turn your head and cough” a check for a hernia? A check for prostate cancer involves something far worse.

  2. I still think it’s weird to see Sonic on the cover of Nintendo Power.

    Imagine taking a computer back into the middle ages or something. You’d be burned at the stake for witchcraft. Take this issue of NP back into the 90s, though, and people would call it the greatest hoax of all time.

  3. You know, the last issue said that the next issue (ie, this issue) would have as its cover story the reveal of the return of some awesome favorite character from one of the most favorite franchises ever.

    Of course, we all (all that read that mag, anywho)ruminated on the subject. Couldn’t be Samus, we already know about her new game; nor Mario, his game is coming out right soon. Link is having a new game, we already know. Wario just had a game. Sonic 4 was mentioned already this issue. Kirby? Luigi!? Who could it be?

    So of course it was Sonic. SONIC! Sonic 4 apparently isn’t good enough for that damned hedgehog. Way to fool me, Nintendo Power. I was expecting something something cool. I cannot effectively express my disappointment at seeing the Nintendo Power cover story – especially since I had already heard about it on Kotaku. And then I had to wait a while for my subscription to come after I had already seen it on the newstand!

  4. Game looks decent, though. Mostly 2-D with a bit of linear 3-D segments, which I think could work perfectly for Sonic.

    Of course, I enjoyed (somewhat) the Sonic sections in Unleashed. I probably would have bought the game if not for the absolutely unforgivable Werehog segments.

  5. Dang it! I noticed the same thing when I first saw it…I should go to the doctor.

  6. To me it looks like he’s beckoning the audience for money before promptly running away. It’s a good metaphor for most Sonic games really.

  7. looks like MJ gave sonic more than just music in Sonic 3. Definately a prelude to a “SHOW US ON THE DOLL WHERE SONIC TOUCHED YOU!” in court.

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