Mission accomplished (two out of three)

The week is already at an end! So let’s tally up how it went.

I fulfilled my mission to post five Kit-Kat Densetsu entries this week, even if the last one was slightly later than intended. I think I am allowed some leeway on that one, though, because I was too busy trying not to puke after eating yesterday’s subject to be able to write about it. Seriously, yuck. That’s one!

I’ve mailed off all the GameSpite subscriber books destined for U.S. addresses over the past couple of days, and those should be arriving as soon as… well, probably yesterday, for California folks. The international books are in a bag by my feet, addressed and ready to be mailed when I venture forth for lunch in a little while. It feels pretty good to have those taken care of, even if they’re a bit late, too. I’m already planning ahead to this fall’s book and have a few solid ideas in mind. So, that’s two.

But alas, three is where it falls apart. I was hoping to have GameSpite Year One, Vol. 2 ready to go up for sale Monday morning, thus fulfilling my self-imposed mandate to have a new book ready the first week of every third month. But, I am still proofing the text and haven’t yet begun making the corrections in the InDesign file, so it looks like it will be another week before that’s ready. Which means it will probably be completely lost in the noise of E3. That’s a shame, because I’m really happy with how this book has turned out. It’s huge, dense, and interesting to look at. Well, at least the tiny handful of people who notice it will enjoy it.

And now, back to Peace Walker and literally undressing teenage girls with my eyes saving Latin America.

7 thoughts on “Mission accomplished (two out of three)

  1. Ack to the white chocolate Kit Kat. Especially if it was indeed one of the supersized ones.

    The lemony one sounds delicious. I am somewhat partial to lemon flavored confections. I’ll have to check that one out if I ever go importing.

  2. Meh, it’s not like your target audience is going to be *at* E3. In fact, the focus being on games could lull people into a gaming set of mind that might actually net you some more sales than usual. We just need to figure out a better way to get news of the book out to people in the first place, is all.

  3. I got MY book.

    This is pretty cool! And the sketch was nice to come home to after a shit day. Thanks, man!

  4. Got my book over the weekend and it’s terrific. It got me searching GameStop’s website for a store near me that had a copy of EO. Which I have no time to play. So, curses, I’ll get you next time Gadget, etc, etc.

  5. Totally wasn’t expecting the bonus book, so it absolutely made my day to see it on the counter after work tonight. Like for Syrg, huge pick me up after a rough day.

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