GSQ4: Lowly in WURM

WURM Online: Lowly in WURM
The press proof for Year One, Vol. 2 has arrived and it is far more glorious than I could have hoped. Seriously, this book is rad. And that reminded me that three months ago we published another rad book and that I need to get back into the swing of posting its contents online! So here you go: A whimsical journey into the obscure. Please enjoy.

5 thoughts on “GSQ4: Lowly in WURM

  1. A good piece, and timely: A friend of mine is playing Wurm right now. I can tell it’s not really for me, but it’s always interesting to hear about what he’s up to. After years of hardcore FFXI playing, he says it’s amazingly relaxing.

  2. I want to submit my votes for the next Gamespite (“under-appreciated” issue) but am still waiting on forum approval. Please let me in so I can NOT pick Donkey Kong Country *cough* *cough*…

  3. Wait a second… I just realized. The GI Joe live action movie? None of the Joes ever says “Yo Joe!” in it. None of the MARS dudes never screams “COBRA!” either! Dammit, it took me almost a year to realize I how badly got cheated

  4. Dude, that was hilarious. I don’t believe that! Someone has created a game so realistic that it even simulates the boredom of real life.
    Greetings from Brazil. I’m a fan of your work, man.

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