Stuff, and things

So, I’ve spent the past few hours sketching silly doodles in the GameSpite bonus books before stuffing them into envelopes. I’m hoping to have them in the mail within the next couple of days, so that’s something we can all be excited about.

Perhaps less exciting for everyone who isn’t me: I posted another installment of Kit-Kat Densetsu on BakeSpite and intend to post a new entry every day this week. I actually have enough different flavors to carry me pretty much to the end of June, to be honest, but I wouldn’t want to burn through my material quite that quickly.

In summary: Blah, blah, blah.

3 thoughts on “Stuff, and things

  1. Thanks! This has been a learning experience for me. Apparently the trick to appealing photography is in the lighting and color balancing.

  2. Yeah. My brother essentially does it for a living, except in more of a moving pictures fashion (he’s a cinematographer). I’ll just say that in a nutshell, he’s done some high profile stuff.

    Yeah. I’m pretty much an unintentional magnet for people who end up going on to bigger and better things.

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