The tally

Well, I was completely wrong about the Pierre Chang thing. But I did finish the book and submit it for proofing, so I’m going to consider this weekend a net victory.

The cover photo this time around was shot by my fiancée (and slightly tweaked by me) rather than just being based on a random iPhone snapshot. As you can see, there is a certain theme being established between this book and the first volume. However, the quality of the actual work is much higher this time around! I’m certain this holds true for the interior aesthetics as well.

Trivia time: I did try to do some “real” photography for the first book’s cover, but strangely enough none of the pictures I took with a costly DSLR looked as good as what I snapped with my phone. I have since come to realize that this was because I had no idea how on earth one goes about using a DSLR. We regret the error.

8 thoughts on “The tally

  1. … so, does this mean you’ll use actual, edible mushrooms for the covers of any theoretical BakeSpite books?

  2. That is a really cool photo and an interesting color-contrast. Mario better not whip out the fireballs or it will all burn up!

  3. Looking at those covers, I’m guessing you like Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz series?

  4. @Ix4 : This is material written by GameSpite contributors from *before* the quarterlies started up. Probably including some of the stuff listed under the “GameSpite Issue X” icons in the sidebar there, though I don’t recall exactly how the dates line up for this volume.

  5. Sir I find these flagrant visual celebrations of drug abuse distasteful and not at all in keeping with your editorial tone.

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