Hey youuu guuuys

Dear site subscribers, the latest bonus book has arrived en masse and is really quite nice, so please do me the courtesy of emailing me with your up-to-date shipping address so that I may mail these out over the weekend. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Hey youuu guuuys

  1. Click on my name where it appears at the top of any post, and you’ll magically be transported to a dazzling world known as “your email program”!

  2. Hi, I’ve been subscribing since February. Am I eligible for the subscriber book?

  3. Yeah, anyone who had an existing subscription as of when I submitted the books to be printed gets one.

  4. If our addresses haven’t changed, do we still have to email you Parish?

  5. Jeremy, should we expect to hear from you for confirmation of our address? Thanks.

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