Why hello there, Mr. Frog

I don’t know why this makes me so happy, but it does. It totally does.

Photo by Jeremy

For the past, I dunno… nine months or so? For however long, since sometime last summer, every time I’ve gone to Andronico’s (the local, overpriced, yuppie, snooty-food grocery store which much to my wallet’s detriment is the only real supermarket within walking distance of my apartment), I’ve walked through the bakery area and seen these frog cookies. They come in a box of eight and cost something like $9, because Andronico’s is an overpriced, yuppie, snooty-food grocery store. And every time I see them, I want badly to buy a box. But they’re nine bucks, and also they’re not exactly diet food, so I really can’t afford them on two different levels.

Yesterday  I finally took the plunge, ostensibly because it was Mother’s Day and I wanted to do something nice for Cat’s cousin Nancy for her first Mother’s Day and she likes random cute things… but mostly because I really wanted the excuse to try the frog cookies. Frog cookies! Look how happy this guy is to know he’s about to be consumed:

Photo by Jeremy

I was not disappointed. They turned out to very tasty, kinda shortbread-y with frosting that wasn’t too sweet, and a partial semi-sweet chocolate coating. Really quite good. Worth the cost in money and calories? Eh, probably not. But look! Frog cookies!

I have no regrets.

3 thoughts on “Why hello there, Mr. Frog

  1. It was nice of you to get those for Nancy’s first Mother’s Day. They look yummy. And a little freaky.

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