Big Boss here. I forget to mention something!

I sent off the subscriber bonus books to be printed a few days ago. It looks like they will ship in about 10 days, so I should have them mail by the end of the month. Hoorah, and all that. Now I am hard at work on Year One, Vol. 2. This morning on the train I finished some of the new content for the book: A Metal Gear Solid 2 retrospective to help fill the gaps in the site’s Metal Gear section. The article will show up online eventually, of course, but for the next few months it will be a tiny carrot dangling from the incentive stick. I don’t think it will take too long to put together the book, so I figure that’ll be up for sale at the beginning of June.

7 thoughts on “Big Boss here. I forget to mention something!

  1. Be sure to mention how the plot of MGS2 is happening in the real world RIGHT NOW.

  2. Yeah, today’s headline was something about an “oil box” being constructed to contain that spill, and my first thought was, “Big Shell!?” My brain even said it in a husky David Hayter voice.

  3. I find the Hayter voice creeping into my everyday life, especially when I buy cigarettes. Seems appropriate enough.

  4. I’m playing through MGS4 now, and one thing I’ve noticed, any cut scene with snake goes like this:
    Someone Else: “Blah blah blah noun”
    Snake “NOUN?”
    Maybe the series has always been like this, and I am only noticing now that Snake sounds like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. Holy crap those cutscenes go on forever. Why does Drebin know so much about tortured teenage girls? He’s almost as annoying as Don Cheedle.

  5. @Suto: Yeah. Haven’t played the 4th one, but having just played through the first 3 not too long ago I can pretty much say that from 2 on it has been like that.

    Metal Gear Solid: Right mix of Dialogue/Gameplay/Cinematics.

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Why the F**K!! am I talking with people via Codec who are 3 inches from my F*@KING FACE!!??!

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Philosopha Whuh? The last battle with the Boss was the worst most talking yawny thing in the game. The only redeeming quality to the 3 was the fact that the gameplay was absolutely stellar. At least in the Subsistence package, that was the one I got.

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Dunno. Though having seen a Youtube scene between Snake and Old Eva that lasted 30 freaking minutes, I think I would have fallen asleep during it if I actually played it.

  6. I thought MGS2 started years ago when some power drunken retard decided the internet would be the ideal vector to test out his new reality controlling mega ultra supercomputer on and all that goddamn dumb thing does is confuse people by lying to them all the time. The sad thing is people are getting so freaking stupid, they believe the lies constantly. Kinda like that phoney baloney California energy crisis back in the day where Enron corp was artificially producing power shortages to increase demand and jack up energy prices all in an intentional scam to bilk millions of $ out of the state. Being part of that good-ol-boy network, prez George W not only looked the other way but went along with the lie saying the US needs to build more power plants which any retard who could look into the problem and could add numbers together could easily discover there’d be plenty of power to go around if the plants weren’t being shut down and not generating any. If you don’t believe me, there’s a book and a movie Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. The dudes who were doing it, their voices were caught on tape. Its really embarassing and shameful, and I could only imagine how resentful and angry a person who risked their life in the war on terror to protect freedoms like that would be *cough*

    that’s what you were fighting against in MGS2, FYI. It was a massive data crunching super computer intended to control reality (more to the point: mind control) by manipulating and artificing vital information in an attempt to ‘rewrite history’ or fake interpretation of reality. A theme that was mostly lost or ignored by the narrative thanks to the two-bit hucksters who translated the game…

    But the plot from Big Shell on is: Fake Snake taking orders from Fake Colonel Campbell in a recreation of the Shadow Moses incident in Fake Shadow Moses and the game ending with a real obtuse hint from the REAL Snake to Fake Snake that he shouldn’t reproduce with Rose prolly cuz she was the one responsible for the whole mess to begin with. (like Naomi trying to get into Liquid’s pants in the first game because his resessive genes were allegedly the ‘superior’ ones- come on you’re kidding yourself if you don’t see it)

    It makes me want to say the real bad guy in MGS1,2, & 4 is Naiomi. It goes along with the well hidden Norse myth motif tucked in the game where a shadowy ??? figure keeps insisting the fight be between Solid vs Liquid (it never is, its always Snake vs METAL GEAR?!? just like how Die Hard is always a movie about fake terrorists using political intrigue as a facade to hide the fact they’re simple thieves out to steal $$$$$) which is similar to the Norse squirrel running up and down an ash tree trying to get the eagle at the top and snake at the bottom to fight each other by passing antagonistic inflamatory messages between the two. Besides, isn’t Naomi Indian? And there’s that whole lame ‘making guns not shoot will solve war’ thing in MGS4, which is totally Hideyoshi Buddhist solution to Japan’s sengoku period #1: sieze all weapons and melt them down into a giant statue of Buddha or whatever and create a caste system.

    Besides I have no idea how MGS4 can reintroduce her without Snake (old or not) furious or at least cautious over the fact she tried to murder him with Foxdie in the first game. She’s the idiot playing god with nanomachines, not Liquid.

    Alternately there’s the Japanese myth of the Tsuchigumo. There are different legends with different versions, but there’s one where Raiko (the hero) is being poioned by a spider demon disguised as a nurse giving him ‘ogenki’ medicine. Odd considering MGS3 Subsistence has Reiko tossed into it and them crazy Japanese do weird pun related stuff like that all the time.

  7. aw @#$% it, before this gets knocked off the front page here and goes into comment lock. Since I’m on this mythology kick and on the topic of Tsuchigumo, might as well bring up another old myth about a spider demon causing trouble. The Romans had a story about Arachne where she and her instructor (some other God) have a tapestry weaving battle. The contest concludes with Arachne winning and then being turned into a spider by having her face beaten in by her instructor for what the winning tapestry depicts: things that made the Gods look bad. Stuff like Jupiter (Zeus) turning into a swan to run around and rape women and him giving birth by sewing a fetus into his buttcheek and bringing it to term…

    The thing about the story is the tapestries aren’t tapestries, they’re metephorical representations of how ‘the gods’ wove fate.

    That myth is present in context of MGS2. People insist the game is the way it is because Kojima wrote it that way. They’re ignoring the fact Kojima didn’t translate the game; he’s not responsible for the English script. The guy who translated Snatcher for Konami and was let go sometime before MGS2, he made the critique about MGS2’s translation “WHO THE F— TALKS LIKE THAT?!?” and he’s right. “Congratulations, Raiden. You defeated the evil and won the day. Remember: life isn’t all about passing on your genes….” instantly comes to mind. Even if it were like that in the original Japanese script, its awfully… erm…

    My consternation over the translation stems from the words coming out of the mouths of the characters don’t match what is taking place. Seriously, the second half of the game suggests someone is trying to rewrite the events of the first game by staging a recreation of them and replacing certain figures and confusing the two out of historical convenience. NO ONE ever brings that up. Its a bit Arachne in my mind; someone repurposing the dialogue. Reweaving the course of events by omiting or ignoring key plot features. Strange considering the game is falling victim to its own plot device of mind control through data manipulation.

    I mean, the story is a bit similar in how a small corrupt, stupid, and superstitous self centered cult from a place that was never any good to begin with that worships a single spoiled greedy capricious god that somehow magically managed to cast its influence over an entire hemisphere’s culture that it intends to dominate, enslave, steal credit for making great, all while it is being led to ruin through lie and corruption… (I could care less of the consequences of saying that, “he who dares…” afterall)

    Ya know, Solidus (a coin, FYI) Snake is a bit of an archetypeal figure. Appears in a few games. In Metal Gear Solid 2, he tries using a giant super computer to control people’s minds. At the end he jumps into a tentacle costume that grants him superhuman strength and is defeated by his own son. Same exact thing happens in a game called Dark Sector where the same figure uses radio towers to control the minds of diseased humans, jumps into a giant tentacle costume granting him Urotsukidoji strength at the end, and is defeated by his own son (very figurative meaning of son). Dead Space even has Mercer who contains lots of similar elements controlling humans via biological corruption. Yeah, its strange, but whatever… I can’t help it and I figure I have a favor to return anyhow.

    So back to ancient myths. Before the entire western hemisphere began worshipping 1 god, it worshipped many. And I don’t think things would be that way unless someone good at weaving tapestries were behind it, although you can see the lies present if you pay attention to the fact that western culture is what it is largely thanks to the ancient polytheistic world- the impact is almost impossible to deny without systematically erasing everything or rewriting things you can’t. The Christian punishment of pushing a boulder up a hill forever in Hell…. Its the old Greek myth of Sisyphus. Repurposed of course, and a single example of many. Kinda like how those old gods stopped being worshipped because the stories about them suddenly were about how they were murderers and rapists. Kinda like the dialogue in Metal Gear Solid 2 with its wild tangents of “I slept with my stepmom, Raiden! Its why I love anime so much!”

    Its nice to see the old Gods are alive, even though the ones doing well are the ones up to no good.

    Maybe its why MGS4 is so much like a Fan-fiction with all its tasty discontinuity…

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