My Uphill Battle, Pt. 3

On one hand, it’s pretty great to be marrying a woman who has discovered a sudden passion for baking, and is in fact quite good at it. On the other hand, my Balance Board keeps scolding me for missing my weight deadline targets. I am torn between love and guilt.

I even feel guilty when I’m not eating; this morning I woke up to Cat baking buttermilk biscuits. I did the necessary thing and said, “No thanks” — which wasn’t terribly difficult, to be honest, aside from the fact that I felt lousy spurning the fruits of her early morning kitchen labor. I’m not really a fan of biscuits. They seem like a really cruel thing to do to innocent bread.

Cranberry shortbread, on the other hand….

Yeah, I can’t really say no to that.

Shortbread is one of those things I don’t eat often, partly because I only learned to love it a few years ago. I always preferred softer, cakier dessert breads growing up. But a good shortbread — all crisp, crumbly, and slightly buttery — is irresistible. Bad shortbread, I’d rather eat the wax paper it’s baked on. But done right, I love it.

Unsurprisingly, Cat does it right.

She somehow even managed to make dried cranberries plump and moist, a trick I’ve used to make Thanksgiving dressing one sad year when all the fresh cranberries were sold out… but not quite this well.

I think she’s a little disappointed that the shortbread turned out so crumbly that you can’t really eat it without a fork and plate, but to me that simply indicates that this is quintessential shortbread. I mean, shortbread is meant to be crumbly; this stuff crumbles if you merely look at it; ergo, this is the definitive shortbread.

Also, it tastes great. That makes this a plot twist the Balance Board will not approve of.

4 thoughts on “My Uphill Battle, Pt. 3

  1. Looks really yummy. Seems Cat and I are both having a need to cook/bake these days. I have nearly half a pan of lasagna left from our dinner tonight. That is after feeding 6+ people. (The plus is a two year old girl with a good appetite)

    When are you going to blog the fabulous dinners we ate on our trip?

  2. Great stuff. Perhaps a little off topic, but would you mind if I write something about this on my tomato plant blog? I will of course, cite original source and link back to your page.

  3. As someone who loves his sweets but barely knows the basics, I can say I love every new post.

    Not that I want to encourage your sugary death, but you might like this page:

    That Balance Board is going down.

  4. That Wii accessory would cave in too if you just shared some of that shortbread with it!

    Your photos haunt me. As part of my diet I may have to unsubscribe my rss feed!

    Lastly as a suggestion, use your industry fame to publish Cat’s Kitchen (exclusively on DSi ware).

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