Holy crap I’m busy

Hi! I’m at PAX East. It has been keeping me busy, and tired, too. I’m way too old for this jetlag nonsense.

Anyway, here is some proof that I have not just been sitting around drinking milkshakes. Actually, I haven’t been drinking milkshakes at all. Which is a shame. A milkshake sounds kinda tasty right about now.

  • I saw Get Lamp, which is an upcoming movie about Interactive Fiction. It was really quite good.
  • I played the new Hydro Thunder game, which was, you know, a racing game on water. Yep.
  • On the other hand, Puzzle Quest 2 really looks quite good and I would like to play more of it. And I say this as someone who grew bored with the original very quickly.
  • Also, I reviewed WarioWare D.I.Y., although this information has nothing whatsoever to do with PAX.

And now I’m off to get a few hours’ sleep before I launch into the 16-hour marathon that will be my Saturday. I’m pretty sure that I will be an incoherent mess by the time the Retronauts panel rolls around tomorrow at 9 p.m., so, you know. That’ll be fun.

5 thoughts on “Holy crap I’m busy

  1. If the demand for the Retronauts panel is as high as the Mega64 panel (and I imagine it will be much, much higher), then I suspect I had better start camping out for it about now.

    Still, come hell or high water, I’ll be there.

  2. Oh man. The original Puzzle Quest was stupidly addictive for me. And I didn’t care for Bejeweled much outside of Twist.

  3. “using Wario as a dim-witted foil to the lector in order to avoid the sensation that the game is talking down to the you.”

    But whoo! Hydro Thunder! Most excellent.

  4. Man, Puzzle Quest looks like it’s going to be just as annoying as the last two. The first game almost entirely traded on novelty, and I’m not convinced they’ve fixed any of the mechanics.

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