“PSA” is pronounced “pshaw”

I spent the weekend babysitting a tiny, tiny infant and trying (and failing) to grok the appeal of Sega’s most recent RPG offerings, so I didn’t have much time to do… well, anything, really. But I would like to offer up this friendly reminder that Blurb’s free shipping ends really soon, so if you were planning to grab any volumes of GameSpite Quarterly, now would be the ideal time to do so. I don’t know when they’ll offer a shipping break like this again, but I’m gonna guess it’ll be a while.

5 thoughts on ““PSA” is pronounced “pshaw”

  1. I will never understand Sega as long as I live. Rather than release sequels that are updates/reinventions of old franchises, they seem to just make a conscious effort to make them as bad and annoying as possible. At this point the only thing that could redeem them, in my eyes, is a true-to-the-original-games sequel to the Shining Force series. Really, I’d be happy with a ROM hack of Shining Force II at this point…

  2. Although I bought the books two weeks ago, the free shipping code didn’t work for me for some reason, even though I used PayPal and chose dollars as my currency. Was it available only for domestic shipping? It would make sense, since international tends to cost an arm and a leg and I can’t see a smaller publisher taking the hit for free.

  3. They could also just port the Japan-only portions of Shining Force 3. I’d be pretty happy with that.

  4. Thanks for the reminder, Jeremy. I finally got all three of the latest books having meant to for some time. Can’t wait to check them out! Loved the first volume.

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