Speaking of Lost

I was happy to discover that a Google search for “John Locke” still results in a bunch of hits for engravings and paintings of the philosopher/economist, with the Lost character first appearing as something like the eighth result. Nerds destroy everything they touch, but at least we haven’t corrupted the comparative weight and value of history vs. pop culture that badly just yet.

On the other hand, I was fairly disappointed to discover that my hilariously clever name for the Ponyta I recently captured in HeartGold, “Ignitemare,” is considerably less original than I had hoped. Stupid Internet, coming up with my jokes first.

Equally disappointing is that I turned Very Old yesterday and was playing Pokémon at all. There’s a sick, sick part of my soul that really wants to fill out a Pokédex to completion, and I really don’t understand it. My only hope is that the opportunity to finally create Jetpack Goonies (even if it is just in microgame format) via WarioWare D.I.Y. will be my redemption.

11 thoughts on “Speaking of Lost

  1. I think my Pokemon-naming hit its zenith with my fiery dog Arcanine, named The Great Pyronees.

  2. The real-life Jeremy Bentham also gets the top hits. Real Bentham’s ultimate fate has amusing parallels with Locke’s in Season 5.

  3. I named my Ninetales “Salinger”, I’m still pretty proud of that one.

  4. Jetpack Goonies is finally going to become a reality? I hope you plan to enter a bunch of friend codes into your system because you’re going to have to send that game to just about everyone here.

  5. Ooh, are we discussing Pokémon nicknames? Here are some of mine.

    Aggron: Rocksteady
    Kyogre: Bombay
    Mesprit: RedOctober
    Azelf: Brainstorm
    Abomasnow: Chillbacca

  6. I looked up the wiki entry for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madame_De_Pompadour after seeing her [only as a character!] in a [i]Doctor Who[/i] episode and, sure enough, the entry then was dominated by her appearance in the then-recent episode.

    Also, I may be too old to hold opinions on this subject, but I don’t believe in giving names to individual pokemon other than their species name. I think this means I am, at heart, one of those incredibly racist old people you meet.

    Fortunately, like many such racists, I am an incredible hypocrite because I named a Pikachu doll of mine Willmoore.

  7. 1st hatty st paddys. 2nd i never seen Lost, and just because theres a character named john Locke, or cause they talk bout my man (no homo, i kno that “real video games nerds are like against gay slander or for gay rights and all thay are are like “fuck the Cod/Halo xbox crowd and i shouldn’t say no homo and all that,[ I smell an article in issue 6] but im hoodish so whatever) i might have to catch up with the show because of that. 3 there’s not a pokemon named after john locke? nintendo? really? You can do this. and finally 4th do you really how hard it is to type, lwt alone spell properly after St.s pats day when you’re irish in jersey and wanna live up to sterotypes? 1

  8. I always named my Pokemon things like “Steve” or “Carl.” What was Carl? A slowbro? A venonat? Who knows! I eventually dumped them all into a rented copy of Pokemon Stadium, hopefully propagating tons of unhelpfully named critters into the world.

  9. I was going to mention that cheap health insurance is *totally* zgfpdo, but it seems that lauren beat me to the punch.

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