GSQ3: An international affair

A new batch of GameSpite Quarterly 3 entries has arrived on the scene, and by random coincidence this trio shares a common thread: They’re all international heroes of folklore. Beginning in Britain, we have Royal Egg Gatherer Hen House Henry; next we move further east to Russia to honor decorated national hero The I Block; and finally, we end up at the far edge of the Eurasian continent to discuss the life and times of Ishikawa Goemon, the man so famous they named a restaurant after him right here in my neighborhood. (Which is nice, except they decided the menus should feature artwork of a man being boiled alive. This is why I will never, ever order their nabe.)

2 thoughts on “GSQ3: An international affair

  1. Those wacky Brits with thier wacky Speccies and commodores always had the wackiest games. This reminds me, I need to pick up the latest Retro Gamer Magazine.

  2. Question: is the “Manga Carta” a historic legal document displayed in the medium of a Japanese comic book? That would be so cool.

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