A poll of utmost importance

Hey dudes (also dudellas, or whatever name is properly used to refer to females of the species these days), my copy of GameSpite Quarterly 4 arrived. I feel silly about being so down on its layouts before; it really looks quite nice inside. The lack of pagination and the crowded page borders bug me, but otherwise it’s some fine-looking stuff.

Naturally, I’m already thinking ahead two issues, so please take a moment to respond to our GSQ6 planning poll. It is the first of two!

6 thoughts on “A poll of utmost importance

  1. Haven’t actually read any of 4 (still working through 2 and 3), but I would agree it’s the most looking and formatted of the four so far.

  2. I would absolutely love to contribute to your poll, but I’m “awaiting activation” to your forums. I’m guessing that I need to send a resume or something? Perhaps take a entrance exam?

  3. Or perhaps you could can the sarcasm and follow the guidelines in the forum’s “how to register” thread.

  4. Best stories. I’m not voting in your poll because I’m a conscientious objector to forum accounts.

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