GSQ4: The adventure begins, again

The Once and Future Genre
By Luke Osteritter | GameSpite Quaterly 4 secretly features a mini-section devoted to the role and nature of adventure games in these modern times. Luke’s article here serves as a sort of mission statement, not unlike the “How RPGs Lost Their Way” feature did for that genre. Please enjoy this thematic critique as we embark on a multi-day journey through…. adventure!

One thought on “GSQ4: The adventure begins, again

  1. I think what really distinguishes Telltale is their genius for puzzles – they take the genre beyond the “use every item on everything else” design. They incorporate elements of timing and various conditions into their puzzles, expanding the variables involved (which is good, because the episodes ARE small) and creating some really difficult puzzles that nonetheless reward you for figuring out how they think – and then they change the way they think. Brilliant designers.

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