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I wish this had shown up in my email a few days ago, but Blurb just sent me a note to let me know that they’re offering free economy speed shipping on all purchases through March 21st. So, if you were interested in picking up GameSpite Quarterly or something but didn’t feel like paying their rather stiff shipping fees, now you’re all set.

Sorry to those of you who picked up GSQ4 a few days ago. If I’d known this offer was going to be coming along, I’d have waited to launch the book.

Anyway, if you’re interested, just use the promo code WESHIP (for purchases made in US dollars), WESHIP2 (UK pounds), or WESHIP3 (Euros) when you check out.

16 thoughts on “Free shipping for books

  1. Ouch. Oh well, at least I can use this to convince the fence-sitters to buy some good old fashioned print game journalism.

  2. I was going to get one anyway, but was gathering a group of folks to order so as to offset the shipping cost (and maybe get that 10% discount). Now I can just place the order. Did manage to get two more folks on board, so I’m ordering three copies.

    You guys should have a “release party” where you sell signed copies of the book and act like big-shots.

  3. Dang. Oh well…easy come, easy go. When you’re in for over $100 it’s not like 10 or so more makes much difference, shipping or no.

  4. The easy solution here is to knock out the mailman (preferably with a frying pan) when he delivers the book and then steal $8 from his wallet to offset the shipping costs.

  5. No, but here is a rad trick. If you pay through PayPal, you can select any currency.

  6. You know, I used to think Paypal was a fairly handy tool for handling financial stuff over the internet. Then I had to set up an online storefront to sell my game. Now I want to have Paypal’s babies. Seriously, if you try and set up that sort of thing on your own, it’s amazing what a headache it is.

  7. Anything for people paying in Aus dollars Parish, would save heaps on the massive shipping we have to pay to get the book down here.

  8. Does the Paypal trick just mentioned above not work for you, condor?

    Anyway, for once I was slow enough to get around to ordering a book with my own article in it that I can actually get in on this free shipping… Hooray, I guess.

  9. Excellent! Books #2 and #4 have been ordered!

    FYI, the links on the side bar to GSQ3 are broken. The standard link directs to the deluxe book and the deluxe link directs towards the main Blub page.

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