Overstimulus package

This is one of those weekends where I’ve done nearly nothing besides sit in front of videogames with every waking moment. When I’m not at a game, my head is filled with the sound of the Final Fantasy XIII battle theme accompanied by Mega Man sound effects. It’s a weird combination. I need a break.

I finished Mega Man 10 yesterday. Well, beat it, anyway — there’s a lot I haven’t done yet with the game. It was very ________! In about 23 hours, I will be legally allowed to fill in that blank. Yes, my job is very silly sometimes.

12 thoughts on “Overstimulus package

  1. Well, I doubt it would be very bad (I was thinking simply ‘meh’ would be the absolute worst case scenario), so I guess it was good!

    Too bad I might not be able to play it for a week or two (real life stuff + LP), but I look forward to it.

  2. So the embargo isn’t up until the game is actually out? BAH. (As if anyone interested enough in Mega Man 10 to worry about a review wouldn’t buy it eventually, anyway.)

  3. I’ve had the FF victory theme in my head for weeks. I can hardly stand that I have yet another week to wait for FFXIII, but I’ve taken this time to play some other FF games until the 9th arrives (Crisis Core, FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX). It’s not really making the wait any easier.

  4. I’m more curious to see what Parish’s final (well, final as in “written review”) thoughts are on FFXIII. After actually reading the entirety of Tim Rogers’s rambling, pretentious-but-thought-provoking review (novella?) after listening to the ATB about the game, it’ll be nice to get a review that is less rambling and pretentious but probably more thought provoking.

  5. So I’m curious…did Capcom send out review copies for a digital game? Or do they have some kind of early download service for the press?

    I’m guessing the former, but the latter would be neat!

  6. While mm9 is a great game, it was essentially mega man 2 II. I wonder if 10 has something different to offer other than being mega man 2 III.

  7. Well, it’s been more than 23 hours… so how is it? I can’t get my hands on the game until after work!

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