GSQ3: Updates “R” us

Time to get back into the habit of posting more of that ever-popular GameSpite Quarterly 3 material. Today’s posts mark the halfway point for this issue. That’s terribly exciting! Well, perhaps “exciting” is not the proper word. I suppose “a relief” is more accurate. Today’s content includes:

  • Ralf Jones & Clark Steel of Ikari Warriors fame. As you can see from the image above, they are two deeply ugly men. And they seem rather confused about the proper application of the M-16, as well. Or is it an M-80? Whatever. That’s not how you shoot guns, guys.
  • Rick Taylor of Splatterhouse. It appears, based on this entry, that Mr. Taylor is actually an Adam Sandler character, which is something I’d never have guessed on my own.
  • Roderick Hero of H.E.R.O. fame. Mr. Hero is one of this issue’s rare Atari 2600 figures — not that we deliberately snubbed the system or anything. It’s just that few 2600 developers bothered to design characters who were more than a monochromatic block or jagged abstraction. Roderick Hero is among the elite, the few, the distinctly humanoid.

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