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I’ve settled on a final cover for GameSpite Quarterly 4. I respect the fact that so many people seem to be in love with the lawn gnome, but aside from a rather esoteric connection to Half-Life 2 it doesn’t really say “videogames” to me. But, as it happens, the back cover illustration — a minor edit of a lovely photo my fiancée shot a few weeks ago — has continued to grow on me. Much like Adrian Belew, the more I look at it, the more I like it. So, a simple switch and that back cover photo becomes the front, and I will keep the lawn gnome on the back side of the book so as to satisfy reader demand.

If you’d care to have a glimpse of which cover is in store for you (along with what will be between those covers), you can have a look at the GameSpite Quarterly 4 index page. Handy, eh?

8 thoughts on “Cover system

  1. Beautiful cover – the use of photographs on the covers of these things lends a refreshing feeling that’s pretty rare when reading about games.

  2. Awesome, nearly time to buy the first set of quarterlies. Due to my antipodean location I thought I’d bide my time, watching, waiting, until the shipping costs could be ameliorated somewhat.

    Is there ever going to be a year one vol. 2? Seems with all the GQSing there’s not enough time for that, unless the editorial duties can be allocated to a team of like minded enthusiasts.

  3. Actually, Year 1 Vol 2 is in the queue to publish as soon as I’m done with the next subscriber bonus.

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