GSQ3: Characters ‘R’ us

At this point, I don’t think we’ll be able to get all of the contents of GameSpite Quarterly 3 online before the fourth book launches. That’s OK, I guess. We’ll just keep plugging away at it until it’s done, however long that takes. (I’m not sure why I’m saying “we” when I’m the one responsible for doing all of this, though. Spreading the blame around, I suppose.)

Today’s tripartite update brings us a bevy of recognizable faces for you NES fans. (Cue angry Europeans and Australians insulting us for not focusing more heavily on various platforms that were never properly available in the U.S…. now.) The list includes Mega Man’s pal Rush, Argool’s hero Rygar, and the eternally sexist Ryu Hayabusa. Not to be mistaken for Fighter Hayabusa, who I’m sad to say we totally neglected to include in this encyclopedia. I apol– I mean, we apologize for this oversight.

P.S., if you aren’t sick of roguelike talk yet, this week’s episode of Active-Time Babble dedicates an hour to discussing the genre. Featuring Talking Time’s very own Angband hero, Stiv!

7 thoughts on “GSQ3: Characters ‘R’ us

  1. You have consistently picked the best art for each one of these updates. You truly have a gift.

  2. RE: Podcast

    I don’t remember if it was you that said this, but to whoever said they didn’t get what Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is about:

    It’s something like half about managing, essentially, finite resources, albeit with the game being up-front about their value. There isn’t enough food in the game to grind (unless you play as a mummy), so experience is limited, and you have to choose carefully what skills you’ll use that experience to train. You’ll also, as another example, only find so many Potions of Cure Mutation in a given game; if you have the uncontrollable shouting mutation, should you spend one now, or wait and see if you get something REALLY severe, like teleportitis?

    The other half is judgment of your character’s limits and when to push them. The Hive is an easy dungeon branch if you have poison resistance, but what if you don’t and are still running low on food? Should you risk it?

  3. I was probably the one who didn’t “get” DCSS. After listening to the first few minutes of the podcast I realized it could be kind of hard for the casual listener to distinguish between me and pretty much anyone who wasn’t Kat.

  4. I recognized you! But it would be pretty horrible if I didn’t, since you being on was the main reason I listened in the first place. Not that I’m not interested in some awesome roguelike talk, they’re something I really want to give a serious chance soon. I just don’t listen to podcasts usually unless they are highly relevant to my interests.

  5. Great ATB episode. Rogue-likes are naturally very interesting conversation wise. Its randomness, sandboxy, difficult and dangerous nature could create many great tales of bravery, wisdom, cunningness, hilarity, or just flat out failure.
    The articles are great as always and the rate of web publishing is fine by me. Keep up the good work.

  6. It was an interesting podcast, though you said something in it that was a bit strange.

    You mentioned how you considered many western RPGs to be ugly, Fallout in particular.

    I know quite a few people especially online who would say the JRPG art style is one of their biggest turnoffs from playing them.

    For many, Anime art = crap. (And that’s the NICE version.)

    I grew up with Voltron, Battle of the Planets, and Robotech so I have no problem with Anime or western art.

    Fallout would NOT be served by “Anime Bishie” styled artwork.

  7. Yeah, because obviously the only alternative to Fallout’s art style is anime and not, say, something that looks like Uncharted or Mass Effect.

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