GSQ3: Writing S-says

So, the takeaway from my work in podcasting this week appears to be that I’m a horrible person whose voice should never be heard aloud. Don’t worry, though: All future episodes of Retronauts will be conducted entirely in semaphore.

  • Sabreman (Jake Alley): You want to know how to make an English major happy? Refer to the style of writing in this article as “old English.” They love it when you do that.
  • The Safari Hunter (Justin Fairchild): Apparently the hero of Congo Bongo doesn’t have a proper name, leastways not so far as it’s actually given to us in the lore. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that The Safari Hunter’s real name is “Nario,” though. Or maybe “Muigi.”
  • Samson (Mike Zeller): Not to be mistaken for the real Samson. You can tell the difference because this one has short hair.

6 thoughts on “GSQ3: Writing S-says

  1. Hey, it’s not nearly so bad as when people refer to writing with the occasional “thou” in it as “Old English.

  2. Little Samson (aka Seirei Densetsu Lickle) is a pretty fun, polished game. It gets pretty hard in later stages though.

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