Resistance is futile

I’m getting a little worried about my Angband Borg. He’s been standing in this same room for most of the day, surrounded by giant white lice. They can’t seem to harm him at all, but he’s too stupid to use any sort of area-effect power that would clear out the room, so he just keeps killing the same creatures over and over. I’ve never seen a more frustrating screensaver than this — I wish I could jump in and take manual control of the idiot, but of course any time I touch an input device it wakes the system and pauses the simulation.

Stupid, stupid Paladin!

6 thoughts on “Resistance is futile

  1. I wonder why the borg has such a problem with explosive growth monsters. It’s widely known that the Angband borg is “dumb” (it likes to scum 1-5 until it reaches CL50, quite often!) but this is embarrassing.

    The rogue borg, though, is great.

  2. I’ll say this for my Borg: He’s doing a fine job of delving into the dungeon. His current floor is generally right even with his character level. He’s just kinda… not so smart, sometimes.

  3. I’ve actually had my Angband Borg win before, so the infinite patience can indeed compensate for the dullness.

    You can take manual control by opening up the “Saver” savegame in the C:GamesAngband 3.0.9 folder, using the Borg windows executable (found here — ). You can then get him out of the bug infestation, save the game, and let him take it from there, and possibly starve to death in the town.

  4. Technically, this is, in a sense, optimal play, with very, very low risk:reward.

    Don’t worry about it. After a few thousand turns, it’s bound to start running low on food and then it’ll use Word of Recall to return to town.

  5. I’ve never heard of this before… but I’m interested! How do I go about getting this thing for Windows? The link on the main page doesn’t seem to be working right, and I don’t really understand how the borg thing works.

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