GSQ3: Secret unpublished document edition

So there was a little hiccup at the end of GameSpite Quarterly 3 submissions and we ended up getting two alternate takes on Shantae. D’oh! I went with the one that was submitted first for print, but here on the Internet there are no silly rules about page counts and folio pricing, so you can enjoy them both. Isn’t that lovely? I vote “yes.”

  • Shantae (Tomm Hulett): Perhaps you have already read this entry, but now you can read it again without fear of papercuts.
  • Shantae (alternate entry, Philip Armstrong): Because one Shantae entry isn’t enough.
  • Simea (myself): Did you know that the hero of Crystalis has a name? Well, now you do.

ALSO: It is time for me to begin assembling the semi-annual subscriber bonus content. The printed books from last time worked pretty nicely, aside from a surprisingly large number of reports about mailings that were lost or damaged en route. I’ll take extra precautions in mailing these, but I would like to know what you want to see in your book. A ToastyFrog story or comic? Videogame musings? Further tales of the fictional GameSpite staff? That Onion story I started years ago and never finished? BakeSpite-style recipes? You subscriber dudes have a few days to drop me a line and let me know what you’d prefer to see. I’m open to pretty much any idea that will fit into a 40-page book!

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