GSQ3: T time

Today’s GameSpite Quarterly 3 content takes us all the way through the letter T. Just three entries does it. Apparently T was much less popular an initial letter for 8-bit hero names than, say, A. No one knows why. The olden days of gaming were ripe with many heady mysteries such as these.

  • Taizo Hori (Luke Osteritter): I think this is the first article we’ve posted by GSQ newcomer Luke. Revel in his fresh perspective as he spins a tale about a man you probably know better as “Dig Dug.”
  • Takosuke (Justin Fairchild): Remember how I said yesterday that we probably had too many Gradius-related entries? Yeah, well, I wasn’t even thinking about Takosuke, who’s tangentially associated with the series through its spin-off Parodius. So, uh… sorry?
  • Torneko Taloon (me): And finally, the raddest character to come from the Dragon Quest franchise shines beneath the spotlight in this book.

Speaking of books, I’m selling a bunch of my out-of-print Japanese game encyclopedias and “aspect mooks.” They’re neat, but they’re not really much use for me since I no longer have the patience to spend the time necessary to parse all the Japanese text in these. And while I try not to make a habit of promoting auctions here, these books seem like they might of interest to some of you and they’re pretty much impossible to find without combing bookstores in Japan and paying crazy inflated prices.

3 thoughts on “GSQ3: T time

  1. Funny that if you Google “Famicomplete”, your auction is already the fourth result to pop up.

    (I’d buy that thing in a heartbeat if I could read a lick of Japanase.)

  2. The best thing about Torneko is that if you showed the same picture for any other game the kid would be the playable one.

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