Playing the heavy

People have been squawking about the Japanese cover for Heavy Rain, and yeah — it’s not so great. I mean, seriously:

Kind of gross, I dunno. But it also reminds me of something. It’s been nagging at my brain for a while, and I finally figured out what it puts me in mind of:

The giant, severed head of Rei Ayanami from the end of End of Evangelion! Given the artsy pretenses of what I’ve seen of Heavy Rain so far, this seems somehow apropos.

17 thoughts on “Playing the heavy

  1. Cripes, that head in the second image is freaky, and not just the fact that it’s severed. I mean, the eye’s bulging half out of its socket, and it looks like his eyes must have been set, like, three inches apart or something.

  2. Great, I just got out of an Evangelion phase after watching the second rebuild. After seeing this, I’ll probably have uncontrollable urges to watch the whole series again . . .

  3. I love how you THINK the cover of end of Evangelion is just a photoshop of a big head to look epic but NO. Everything on that cover is completely literal

  4. Oh jeeze… you’ve done it now, Parish. Now I’m going to associate this game with Eva forever, and I’ll never be able to fully appreciate it.

  5. Please add a spoiler warning for those avid gamespite followers like me who haven’t finished watching Evangelion yet. Rei’s just starting to warm up a little after Shinji bursts from a big bloody orb in the sky, but now suddenly her head is sliced and traumatic on the fields of hell? Oh, man!

  6. Eh. I think it’s alright. It’s better than most American box arts, specifically the one for Heavy Rain. You seen the European limited edition case?

  7. Great, I was having such a good day then – bam – End of Evangelion reference. I’m gonna need some bubbly Macross Frontier music or something to counteract the crippling anime ennui.

  8. My god. First End of Eva reference, now a Macross Frontier one… is there no end to the horribleness that fills this page? ;-)

  9. I actually like that Heavy Rain cover. You’re right, it’s unsettling, but that was clearly deliberate and seems in line with the thriller storyline of the game, so I would consider it a success. Certainly a lot better than what we’re getting for the US cover, though not as iconic and the European one.

  10. I like the cover. The raindrops somehow look like eyes. Yeah, sure, it’s a giant nose sticking out from water (while the rest of the face is drowned into the background, but it is stylish, moreso than the US cover (blegh) or the Euro cover (subtle but also nondescript).

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