GSQ3: W is for Wonderful

Hi dudes, I’m back from the east coast, where I had stunningly little time to make any headway on any personal projects. I just don’t understand how time gets away from me, but I certainly intend to spend the next week alone, in a dark room, musing about mortality. Just kidding, I’m going to be playing Mass Effect 2, making easy choices about morality. And not making any headway on personal projects. The week after that will be spent weeping in the dark.

Anyway. This pair of entries represents what may well be my two favorite pieces from GameSpite Quarterly 3, clustered together by circumstance, coincidence, and possibly magic.

  • First up are the Warriors of Light from Final Fantasy, which is the one entry I penned for this issue that I can look back on and think, “Yeah, this was actually really good.” Of course, it presupposes some level of familiarity with the game’s plot, but that’s kind of the case for most of these entries.
  • Secondly, we have William and James Lee, Esq., perhaps better known as Billy and Jimmy Lee of Double Dragon. Mr. Decoste has penned an impressive interview with the brothers that looks back at their complete careers. Essential reading for anyone who has ever wondered, “Whatever happened to….?”

15 thoughts on “GSQ3: W is for Wonderful

  1. Taking the role of A.J. Durai was a nice touch. I had also never thought of the very basic story in such a way. I think you’ve just added to my all ready high opinion of the game.

  2. Ah, the old Nintendo Power strategy guide cover. I longed to own that for years. Finally got it when I got a little money when I was younger.

  3. The link for the Double Dragon brothers just points back to this blog entry. I got there from the Warriors of Light page — funny article.

  4. If you think the Double Dragon story is excessive, YouTube “Double Dragon 2 pce intro” to check out the CD intro (3rd video I think). It is a little slow to start, but at 1:13 you will see just kind of havoc a bunch of barely armed thugs are capable of.

  5. Is this the video where they impale teh head of teh statue of liberty, through the eye on the empire state buildingÉ

  6. That Double Dragon article was absolutely, without a doubt, the funniest piece of video game writing I’ve ever read. You sir should be a screenwriter, or at least a writer for The Onion or something. I have seen the top of the mountain, and it is good. Every minute I’m not reading your sweet, sweet words I feel dead inside. Sincerely, breathlessly, -Matt.

  7. “This one guy had white pants and a pink tank top. He looked like Don Johnson. I elbow punched him down an elevator shaft.”

    There’s just such a poetry to this.

  8. You slay my will to ever pick up a pen again, knowing my work shall be but dust before your next magnum opus. That’s what you really do.

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