Welcome to BakeSpite!

Hello, friends and mortals! Welcome to BakeSpite.net, our very exciting (maybe?) new food blog. I’m the guy who decided it might be interesting to have a food blog, and accompanying me is my fiancée, Cat, who decided to take the idea and run with it. Some credit is also due various people whose enthusiastic responses to my random Twitter posts about the food we’ve been creating recently made me realize that, hey, maybe people might be interested in seeing me write about something other than videogames.

Right. In my day job, I write about videogames. In her day job, Cat takes photos of interiors and architecture. Both of us have been looking for excuses to venture beyond the boundaries of our normal work — surely I can’t write about games forever. And even if I could, I don’t think I’d want to.  And Cat, for her part, doesn’t have many opportunities to write, to cook (when she’s on the road) or to experiment with lighting for food.  BakeSpite will hopefully be a great way for both of us to stretch about things we both enjoy (namely, cooking and eating).

It might also be an excuse for me to eat more interesting cuisine; I’ve been on a pretty restricted diet over the past year and a half, which paid off with my having lost 50 pounds and feeling great about myself. The variety of my diet suffered, though. But, if we’re writing about food, well, I’m obligated to eat things that are more diverse than what I’ve been subsisting on for the past 18 months.

I think both Cat and I have fairly different ideas about what this blog should be, so that should make for an interesting amount of variety in the tone and topics of our posts. But we’ll both be writing, and we’ll both be photographing food. (Please note that the nice photos will be hers.)